March 2010


My Random List of Thoughts

This has been a busy 7 days and I’m beat.

I’ve managed to get three projects completed in the last few days, including one major project that is, for the moment, off my table, although I have no doubts that it will come back to me at some future date, but hopefully not in a bad way.

Work-wise this leaves me with three items on my to-do list, although I can’t actually do anything with any of the three items until later this week. It’s more a future to-do list than anything I can do right now.

When slacking off of work, I’ve also been somewhat productive—in part because the weather was, unfortunately, a tiny bit constricting. I was hoping to take some long walks this past weekend, but it was a bit too rainy and cool for me to hike out into the farm fields west of where I live.

My Saturday night was spent in my closet cleaning it out: I cleaned up my drawers making neat stacks out of clothing and then weeded everything else. Ultimately I filled three bags with clothing to donate to charity. That said three items were so ratty I just tossed them in the garbage bin, although now that I’ve done that and am thinking about it, perhaps the recycle bin would have been a better choice.

I’ve also put the books on my shelves in order—something I also started doing at my office. Because I’m not always attentive I’d managed to let stacks of stuff pile up on my table—it took an hour and a half but the stacks are now neatly arranged on shelves and look more professional.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good.

3 comments to My Random List of Thoughts

  • That’s a lot of work. Spread out over a few days, I presume?
    I’m wondering if you could help with a problem? We are going to Frankfurt (your favorite German city) for the month of August, but we are having a hell of a time finding an apartment to rent for the time. Any suggestions about where to look? We’ve tried the “vacation apartments in Frankfurt” and the “short term apartments” on Google, but evidently the people in Frankfurt aren’t as internet savvy as the French and the Spanish (we’ll leave Frankfurt for Barcelona and then Paris for a month each). Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.

    • I’m not really an expert on vacation apartment rentals; that said have you considered one of the cities near Frankfurt, like Mainz or Heidelberg? (I would give you a longer form answer, but I’m about to go to bed and I’m in motion the next few days…)

  • mateo

    Spring cleaning is always very therapeutic!!!