April 2010


I Feel The Need…

… to take a short trip, preferably someplace warm and inexpensive next week.

I need it for mental health.

Any suggestions?

Lamb for Dinner

Last night I had dinner with Michele–we went to Rhodos Pallas, a Greek restaurant in Weimar that I’d overlooked. Anke told me that it existed and off we went. It is in the basement of a hotel (Bauhausstraße 12) and was cozy. I ordered the leg of lamb with eggplant–and the portion was huge, although […]

Saturday: Space Kid Head Cup in Weimar

Instead of rioting and going on destructive terrors, I’ll be spending May 1st at the Space Kid Head Cup, the annual soap box derby in Weimar.

Here are some pictures from last year:


Tonight’s Crazy Dessert

We'll make them ourselves!

Update at 10pm: Here it is, being decorated. Taste-wise, not so fantastic, but still fun.

Arrrrrrrggggghhhhhh Matey!

Strange Branding Decision: Auf Weidersehen T-Mobile in Germany

I’ll readily admit that I’m not a branding expert, but it seems to me that if you’ve got a global brand that works in multiple countries, you don’t mess with it. McDonald’s is McDonald’s in every country it operates in; Coca-Cola stays Coca-Cola in the deep South and in deepest Africa; and British Airways doesn’t […]

T-Shirt I wore yesterday…

If it’s understood by locals, it’s because they know English really well. I wouldn’t wear it out in the States.

Friday in Weimar

Friday afternoon was gorgeous—and instead of staying cooped up at home working, I decided to seek the pleasures of the great outdoors.

Naturally my first stop was the Weimar Office for a cup of tea and a slice of cake—none of the cakes spoke to me, but I settled in and watched the store get […]

My Apartment: The Nook

2 Rooms, Attic Apartment

Behind my couches there is a nook—not really tall enough to stand in—which on my floor plan is labeled “Arbieten”—“work”.

I don’t actually have a desk—so I thought I would use the space as a place to read books (I have a bean bag chair), and a place for […]

My New Toilet Seat!

Actually, I’m joking: I don’t actually have a new toilet seat yet.

There are, as we shall see, complications.

I love taking baths.

As you might recall from the photos of my apartment series (which I should restart before I forget), I have a pretty awesome bathroom—a huge bathtub, a nice window, and off […]

Outta Hibernation!

Sorry about my silence the last weekend, but the sun came out and, consequently, I went out. I’ve gone for a number of long walks out into the country side, and then in the evenings I’ve either been plum tuckered out, or, like last night, I went over to a friend’s place to hang out […]