April 2010


Kinderfruhstruck Tongue Action

For a couple of years I’ve been buying Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast—however I’ve never fully absorbed the German name until I was trying to tell somebody what I’d eaten for breakfast a couple weeks ago. Only then did I pay attention: it’s Cini-Minis, and the box features some disturbing tongue action between the minis.

7 comments to Kinderfruhstruck Tongue Action

  • Nice!
    It reminds me of the little illustrations on Maoam wrappers.

  • Hmmm that looks delicious. I’ll try to find that product here in the groceries

  • Michele J

    That is kind of weird. I wonder if it’s somehow meant to be a (pink?) spoon going into his mouth, instead of a tongue coming out.

  • Michele J

    Sorry for double-posting, but doesn’t the milk look sort of suggestive too?

  • yg

    Oh my god, that box is hilarious. It almost makes me want to buy some, just so I can look at the picture each morning and chuckle.

  • Reko

    C’mon, Baby! Gimme some TONGUE!

  • CN – Never noticed the Maoam wrappers either, but I think I’ll start buying them! Way cool. (If you don’t know, see this article).

    Charles – I’ve had Cini Minis (or as they are called in the US, Cinnamon Toast Crunch) for years. I remember when they were first introduced–yum!

    Michele – there’s no way that could be a pink spoon–would boys want to eat cereal that comes from a box featuring pink spoons, plus its touching the other square! (and I’ll overlook the milk)

    yg – i wonder if its on the package in America…

    Reko – you want it, I know it.