April 2010


I Feel The Need…

… to take a short trip, preferably someplace warm and inexpensive next week.

I need it for mental health.

Any suggestions?

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  • How about mid- to southern Spain. It’s somewhat warm and relatively inexpensive. Someplace like Benidorm in Alicante, further south, Almería.

    • You have excellent ideas, but getting to southern Spain from Thuringen is challenging, unless I am willing to fly RyanAir to “Barcelona” — or take the train to Frankfurt.

      Turkey might be winning this horse race — thanks to Michele pointing out flights from Erfurt to Turkey…

  • Warm and inexpensive. From your kitchen to your comfy couch with a hot-water bottle?

  • Michele J

    A Mallorca, Turkey or Greece junket, flying out of Erfurt? I’m totally serious. They have some really cheap deals. You could pick up some government bonds in Greece while you’re there. They also used to offer (frighteningly) inexpensive trips to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Possibly below your standards though.

    • Turkey is sounding pretty good. Originally I was thinking The Netherlands since it’s a known quantity to me, but the weather forecast isn’t hot enough to make spending hours on the beach pleasant. Although I’ve spent time on cooler windy days on the beach.

      Sky Airlines has some bargains from Erfurt/Leipzig to Antalya. I just am not sure if that’s where I want to go yet. I will decide tomorrow. Well, later today since I’m awake at 3am.

  • The Midsommerland pool in Harburg has a 80°C sauna (and several other saunas) and admission is 16.20€ for the day. Warm and inexpensive.

    • Can I bunk at your place?

      • Certainly… public transportation is a bit sparse in our neck of the woods though.

        The suggestion was facetious, of course, but seriously the saunas at the Hamburg pools are wonderful, if often crowded.

        • I can walk to and from the s-bahn station 😉

          Alas Harburg has not won the short-notice vacation contest.

  • koko

    Take me with!! I need a mental health break as well!

  • I’ll say take New Mexico, US off your list… though I suspect it wasn’t on there to begin with.

    I’m going from 80F to 45F tomorrow.


  • C

    Bolzano/Bozen Italy and the surrounding mountains. We went there last month and even with the snow on the peaks, the valley was warm, the sun was bright, and the air was, well, cliche-y mountain breezy.

    • That sounds awesome, but Italy is surprisingly difficult to get to from Weimar. I’ve opted for Turkey because I can get there from nearby airports for next to nothing.