May 2010


Surprise Ürlaub – A Vacation to the Turkish Riviera

I decided Friday afternoon that it was high time for a vacation—my favorite kind of vacation where I lie on a beach and do absolutely nothing.

My initial thoughts lay to the west with either Hoek van Holland or Lisbon. Both have excellent beaches and friends nearby. However, I discarded Lisbon because I’m trying to do it my vacation on the cheap and plane tickets were slightly expensive—with the disadvantage of needing to travel (insert shudder here) through Frankfurt by train.

The Netherlands stayed on the list—despite transiting Frankfurt—because it was less expensive to get to than Lisbon and because there are some friends there I haven’t seen in way too long.

I actually called one of them Friday—and was informed that the weather in May was perhaps not optimal for beach sitting. I also posted here that I needed a vacation some place warm and inexpensive.

Which prompted Michele to post a hot tip in the comments:

A Mallorca, Turkey or Greece junket, flying out of Erfurt? I’m totally serious. They have some really cheap deals. You could pick up some government bonds in Greece while you’re there. They also used to offer (frighteningly) inexpensive trips to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Possibly below your standards though.

Now I’m not interested in Mallorca—it just isn’t something that’s ever struck my fancy. However Turkey and Greece sounded like good ideas, but since I knew nothing about the options from the Erfurt Airport, I surfed over to the airport’s site and went from there.

I won’t replicate the complete thought process because that would be too tedious, but I actually consulted the Antalya adventures of the Regensbloggers—who visited the Turkish Riviera over Christmas. We actually chatted and I got some tips about things to do in the area.

I’ll soon be winging my way to Antalya for a long weekend.

In the mean time, I have work to do.

4 comments to Surprise Ürlaub – A Vacation to the Turkish Riviera

  • So you’re not going to visit while we’re in Frankfurt in August?

  • Excellent! Vacations are much needed these days. I can’t wait for mine! Only 15 days until I can get the heck out of here!

  • Oh, I’m so glad you found our Turkish posts helpful! I think that if you approach the Antalya region in a smart way (like you’re capable of anything else!), you can have a really wonderful experience. Just don’t get sucked into any leather fashion shows, and you should be golden.

  • koko

    Very jealous…my vacay doesn’t start until August 13th… booooo