May 2010


Today I did nothing. And I did it very well.

Here, unabridged, is what I did today.

08:00 Woke Up to people eating breakfast outside my window.

Spot the diver.

09:15 After shower, I joined people and ate breakfast outside my window.

10:00 I tried to confirm my plane reservation home, but that did not work.

10:20 Arrived at post office and bought stamps. Glad I bought stamps at post office and not at shop near my hotel as postage to Europe was 1.10, and North America 1.20—the shop wanted 1.30 each. I bought stamps for 41 postcards, the woman loaned me a sponge and I spent 45 minutes putting stamps on 41 postcards. I could have had a machine do it, but I think actual stamps are more personal and convey the local culture better.

11:05 Left post office just in time to miss next tram toward the beach.

11:40 Caught tram to last stop, got off at last stop and walked ten minutes down a hill to beach. Disappointed because beach was gravel, not sand. Put my feet in the Mediterranean Sea anyway.

Proof that my feet got wet.

13:00 Decided I’d had enough sitting on the rocks with my feet in the water, headed back up the hill to catch tram back to town.

13:30 Tram to town departs with me onboard.

14:00 After walking through marketplace, I found a Haman and paid for a bath and oil massage. The bather was “Turkish Adam”, very cute and caused me to perk up. He was very through and rough and I was quite happy. Unfortunately two other bathers showed up. After all vestiges of dirt were removed, I was handed over to get a massage—from a woman, who was very through and I am now completely relaxed. I can also truthfully say that the last person to see me completely naked was a woman. How’s them apples?

15:10 Departed the Hamam, wandered through market, bought a present for a friend, and returned to hotel.

16:00 Confirmed flight home, got a beer, uploaded photos and wrote this stimulating report.

Later I plan on dinner.

This is what I ate for dinner last night: a spicey kebap with lots of trimmings. It was really excellent and quite cheap. I think I'm going back tonight.

6 comments to Today I did nothing. And I did it very well.

  • koko

    looks like a really amazing time! so glad you had time to get away and relax. 🙂 sounds so delightful!! hopefully you were able to show off some of your fancy panties to the massage lady too 😛

  • I can confidently say that the last person to see me naked was a man.

    It’s difficult to remember the last time a woman saw me naked, maybe when I had my pre-course physical in January, but I can certainly remember the last time I saw one of them.

  • Reko

    Merhaba, Adam Bey!

  • Michele J

    You know I’m fascinated with numbers. May I ask what the full hamam experience set you back? Reading about it today I was pleased to see there is a women’s version of it, but the clothing etiquette is confusing to me, i.e. must wear underwear vs. no underwear, what constitutes “underwear”, etc. I don’t suppose you checked out the women’s hamam though? I’ll stick to the coed German sauna for now.

    • The full Haman experience shouldn’t cost more than 30€, probably less, including a vigorous scrubbing by a professional and a massage.

      Next time I want more time in the sauna.