May 2010


What a beautiful long weekend. Too bad…

I’m actually stuck at home, recovering from what appears to be a mild cold.

It started Wednesday when I woke up with a mild sore throat. Instead of risking it, I stayed home, worked from home, and by mid-afternoon I felt fine. The sore throat was gone and I was ready to start dancing.

Thursday I headed to the office, got stuff done, and then came home—nothing unusual there. Friday morning I headed to the Weimar Office and got stuff done—and had a decent day overall. However it all started going downhill after that and sometime late Friday it occurred to me that I was sick.

Yesterday morning was awful, so bad that I broke down and headed to the nearest pharmacy where I managed to fowl things up by asking for two things at once. First I am almost out of my allergy suppressant drug that saves my life in June. Second I asked for something that would let me breath despite being congested.

As soon as the druggist found out that I had no idea what causes my seasonal allergies, she took away the plant-based oral drug and replace it with some kind of nasal spray: three times a day, max, no more than a week. Shortly after leaving the store with it, I bumped into Chica who warned me to be careful that this drug can be addictive.

Let me assure the world, I find the whole concept of nasal spray drugs to be immensely uncomfortable and despite the fact that it works, the mere thought of sticking that thing up my nose and squirting is repulsive.

OK, now that we’re at the TMI point, I’ll leave enough alone and move on: I’ve take lots of naps, I’ve watched Glee on DVD for the, uh, fourth time. I’ve just finished one of the tasks from Friday and emailed the resulting document off to somebody who wants it.

The worst thing about this cold is that I was forced to delay my plans for this afternoon for a week: I was supposed to head to Capital City, meet a friend, and go for a bike ride.

Instead I’m at home.

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