May 2010


Queer McDonald’s Ad

via Queerty

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  • France is the trend-setter in the McDonald’s world…

  • It would be interesting to see the reaction to that ad over here.

  • mateo

    a very cute ad….wonder how long before we have one of these ads in the states???

  • Michele J

    I guess I’m a sucker for clever advertising, but this was really powerful for me in two ways: the gay kid still in the closet, and the unknowing parent. Hit very close to home for me both ways, but honestly almost more for the father. The final amazing message is for both: venez comme vous etes/ come as you are. Son is not there yet, and neither is dad, but they’re clearly on their way. I’d love to see McD’s do this in the US but would it be worth it for them in $$$? Should they do it regardless?

  • My gut tells me that that ad would be a PR nightmare for McDonald’s in the U.S.

    Let’s remember what the point is: raise revenue for that corporation and its franchisees. Even if it attracts new/repeat GLBT customers and their families, the potential fallout from boycotts by Fred Phelps’ ilk and those Prop (h)8 types makes me seriously doubt they would launch a a campaign like that there. Even though I too found the ad kind of touching.

  • Reko

    Incredibly beautiful. If I were in France, I might even go have a meal at McDo’s.

  • Reko

    I replayed the ad, and it struck me that there is a reading of it on which the young man might be about to come out to his father right there in McDonald’s, in part because it’s the kind of place where a father and his son might have a “father-son” (or “son-father”) talk because of the informality and familiarity–a place where they can be themselves. Just a thought…

  • J

    wow. That’s all I can think after seeing that.

    I could see something like that working in Germany too, but definitely not the USA.

    I wonder how the French decided to come up with a commercial like that.

  • i think this ad is awesome. would love to know how successful it was in France. really can’t see them running a version in the UK, but i so wish they would