May 2010


It’s Super Saturday: Eurovision 2010!

Eurovision was one of the first European things I ever latched onto—and I latched onto it not knowing what it was whilst being totally clueless about its history. I just knew that it was something awfully important and awfully fun. It took a few more minutes for me to realize that it was also awful: so bad that it was good.

Back when I was living in the States, I managed to set it up so that I ended up in London two or three years in a row watching Eurovision – one year with the Cynical Queer. My first year I remember seeing a kid wearing a t-shirt with one of the most wonderful German lyrics ever penned: Wadde hadde dudde da? I wanted the t-shirt then. I still want it now.

I have so many great memories of watching the contests—like last year when I hosted a small party at my place with my PseduoWife, Chica, and a couple of other people – it was a warm and wonderful day and I made the Strawberry wine punch that was a part of AmiExpat’s cooking rotation.

Tonight will be relatively quiet—I’m going over to a friend’s house where we’ll settle down and enjoy the 25 acts in the finals. We’ll eat, drink, and talk the evening through.

As it stands right now many of my favorites were knocked out in the semi-finals. Lithuania with its awesome Eastern European Funk is gone; they should have been in the finals solely because they wore sparkling shorts during their performance, never mind their amusing and enchanting self-deprecating lyrics. Bulgaria with its amazing dancing men, covered in glittery body paint, and cute singer (save for his beard), did not survive the semi-finals either. A tragedy for the years.

But I am not without hope: Iceland, Albania, Romania, Azerbaijan, and Moldova are in the finals—and I like their songs. I’ve already posted three of the videos—which means I must post the remaining two, starting with Romania:

Followed, naturally, by Azerbaijan:

Armenia, my sentimental favorite, some how squeezed into the finals despite having a somewhat lackluster song this year.

The strongest contender of the big four (France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom), is Germany with Satellite—a song that Snooker in Berlin likes. The UK’s That Sounds Good To Me is good as well. France and Spain are adequate—perhaps all four songs will avoid the indignity of finishing at the bottom of the polling.

If you can’t watch it on TV, Eurovision is streamed live at Eurovision.tv!

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  • PW-II

    TR had the nicest performance and cutest guys. For this year’s Greek guy –Nope! one needs more than a bottle of w.wine…Göermiiiny: I never have any expectations so it is easy to be surprised. Will I? Hmmm. Yep! Happy song with an infectiously happy Lena, who sing in English with one terrible German accent (which might make the song extra happy …….). .Newspapers’ comment not me!

  • I tried watching this on British Sky Satellite but as usual, it was not cooperating!