May 2010


I’m not in sync.

I can’t believe it: Germany won Eurovision with what I think is a really bland song (Satellite) sung by a forgettable girl (Lena). I don’t care that she did her hair for me.

Her victory moments on stage were insane—I don’t think she had ever considered the possibility that she might win. She seemed surprised to find out that she had to perform the song again after winning. I don’t have video of that part, but her post-performance video is similarly scattered.

The happiest bit of the night for me (beyond the smoking hot Turkish drummer) was the discovery of Eric Saade, a Swedish pop-star. He presented the results of Sweden’s vote near the end of last night (after it was impossible for Germany not to win).

What a hottie—the Manboy!

5 comments to I’m not in sync.

  • Reko

    Wow! This stuff is even crappier than US pop music–approaching the vipidness of so-called “Christian” pop music.

  • I must be better in sync. I picked 5 favorites, and among them were places 1-2-3. If you want lessons in picking Eurovision winners, just let me know. 🙂

  • Yes! Manboy! I knew I recognized that dude from somewhere…

    I am similarly nonplussed about Lena’s victory. I thought Moldova and their crotch-thrusting saxophonist would do better, as would Iceland’s volcano-lady (fabulous voice!). And I was surprised at Albania’s poor showing.

    Hey, since it will be semi-local, should we actually GO to Eurovision next year?

  • Jul

    PapaScott, sign me up for some lessons. I have never been able to foresee the Eurovision winners, or even the high placers. My favorites this year finished in the middle-bottom.

  • I need help figuring out what the general population likes. I guess what I am learning is that what I like, not everybody likes. I adored Iceland. I loved Romania. Both did badly.