May 2010


Tonight’s Car-Bus Accident

No apparent injuries to the driver of the car.

6 comments to Tonight’s Car-Bus Accident

  • Sometimes I forget these things happen in Weimar and I’m really shocked when they do.

  • Reko

    Thee seems to have quite a tendency to experience traffic accidents in or near thy apartment in Weimar. Is this more than just a coincidence?

  • Prashant

    oo..that should’ve hurt! The driver was indeed lucky.

    By the way….I see that lately you are getting more and more skilled at “breaking news” like a journalist!…any plans to become one?

  • Michele J

    Yeah, what is it about that intersection that causes so many crashes? There seem to be lights and all? Is there a left turn light but not an arrow, and people mistakenly think the other direction has to stop? Or is it that the bus has the right of way and the red car didn’t yield? It looks just as improbable as the previous accident.

  • Michele J

    Just had an insight: what time of day was this? Was it after the stoplights turn off? In that case one of the lanes may have reverted to “automatic right of way” and the other vehicle missed it. These intersections can be very dangerous because even if you’re on the main route, you have to yield to anyone from the right, unless signs say otherwise. Or do the lights there run 24/7?

  • I’m willing to guess what happened here: the driver of the red car ran a red light. This particular light is specifically triggered by the presence of a city bus approaching it. I’ve never seen it not work. The light itself doesn’t turn off until around 11 or 12 in the evening.

    And reko– reports hat a naked overweight man were seen in the vicinity are not true.