June 2010


Sure Randy drinks the *local* Thüringen Waldquell water, but…

After a couple weeks of not remembering when I had my camera with me, I finally had my camera with me when I took a good look at the billboard below:

This is a billboard for water that comes from my (current) home state of Thüringen:

Who has the best climate protection idea? Now Thuringian’s climatic hero will win.

Basically it’s a contest for climate protection and, at the same time an effort to sell locally bottled water as opposed to, oh, Evian, which is bottled far away and takes lots of fuel to transport to Weimar. Thüringen Waldquell has actually had billboards with this very specific message that locally bottled water is better for the environment than water bottled far away.

But wait! The billboard also features three, presumably local, youthful hotties standing before a rather green couch—and the dude? He’s even passably cute—posing with a skateboard in a blue t-shirt.

But wait—what exactly does that t-shirt advertise.

Some how I suspect the folks at Thüringen Waldquell don’t understand English, for he’s promoting “The Very Best Nose Candy”.

11 comments to Sure Randy drinks the *local* Thüringen Waldquell water, but…

  • Michele J

    Ah yes – one way ticket on an airline made of snow. How did you even notice this? I’m impressed. I’ve always found those Thuringians to be frisky – must be something in the water. “Randy” indeed. We should write the company or Stern or Spiegel.

  • I nearly spit my soda on my keyboard when I saw this! 🙂

  • You’ve got to love the people who decide to post these things in public without first understanding what it is they’re showing.

  • mateo

    Maybe they are trying to bring back the original Coca-Cola…..or at least the “smart-water” version of it!

  • Hysterical! At first, I thought it was a coffee t-shirt. I never would have read that bottom line.

  • honestly, I don’t get it, but I live in Thuringia.

  • Yes, but the nose candy is “only the good shit.” Can you imagine the outrage this would provoke in the States if an advertiser actually put that out on a billboard? Demonstrations, lawsuits, Larry King appearances by those traumatised by having to endure the sight of it, the works.

  • Hmmm… I knew that what the t-shirt was referencing might be a bit obscure–and I should have said it explicitly at some point: cocaine. The t-shirt even has a razor-blade in the middle of the circle…

    The main reason I noticed this is that it’s on the platform at Weimar Hbf and when I’m bored, waiting for a train, I look at crap like this! Call me a werido….

    Of course there would be outrage in the US — but then again, it never would get on a billboard in the first place and I’m not really convinced that a t-shirt glorifying cocaine should be on a billboard here in Germany. It is, at a minimum, a message that takes away from what the billboard is trying to advertise.