June 2010


Normal ist anders: CSD Berlin 2010

I need to be in Berlin Monday in order to visit the place that I hope to be living in while I work and search for an apartment. I decided to head up here a couple days early just to party for this weekend is, as Snooker reminded me, Christopher Street Days in Berlin!

For those of you who don’t already know, Christopher Street Days (hereon CSD), is what Germans call Gay Pride celebrations.

I woke up bright and early and headed north to Berlin—obscenely early awakening for a weekend, but I didn’t want to miss the parade—so I got to Berlin at 11:15 (having endured a child that is a living breathing example of why everybody should use birth control), and headed to Café Berio, a well known gay hangout, for a light snack before meeting Snooker. (I might note, it was probably the last time that I will go to said café, the service was atrocious and the meal mediocre, at best.)

From there we met-up and watched three floats before joining the parade and even advancing in it until we got to a better viewing spot where we set up camp. The fact is that I have camera envy—or maybe camera lust.

I have a perfectly serviceable point-and-shoot model that’s approaching two years old: the Nikon Coolpix S52—I bought it in DC as an emergency replacement for an older camera that was having annoying epileptic fits—so I didn’t really have time to research I just needed a camera – now. And I like it. But it’s not really great and quality in parade settings—the battery doesn’t last forever; it takes more than a few seconds to warm up, and more than a few seconds to process photos after I press the button to take one.

Snooker had me hold her camera for a few minutes and I turned it on, snapped a couple of rapid fire photos and now want something better. I like the current camera because it fits in my pocket and goes everywhere, but when I’m going to something like the CSD parade, it’d be nice to have something better suited to the occasion.

I ended up taking around 225 photos, of which I’ve gone through and eliminated the obviously crappy ones, the out of focus ones, and the obscene ones—although I did upload one of those. There are now 112 photos of CSD Berlin 2010 on my Flickr stream in the CSD Berlin 2010 set.

A few of my favorites are below.

Flag waving at the base of the memorial church in Berlin

Record-Setting Awesome Vinal Hats!

Three hot guys on Tom's Float

Major political parties in Germany were all well represented.

Imaging washing all that off...

Women in Pink.

Man watching the parade at Wittenbergplatz.

I might note that I got to see, possibly for the first time in my adult life, a woman’s exposed pussy. If I ever had any doubt that I was gay, it was erased in that second.

8 comments to Normal ist anders: CSD Berlin 2010

  • Isn’t it interesting how little one sees of which to be proud during gay pride festivals?

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  • My brothers probably would have said, “Here kitty, kitty…” but I agree with your assessment.

  • Reko

    Why, it looks like a bunch of homosexuals!

  • That Snooker is a true phtographic evangelist. She recently got me to purchase a Nikon D5000. (Sorry, Snooks. Didn’t get the D90. I decided to drink the extra 200 Euro)

  • Tee hee hee Adam. All I can think of is your face as that young lady flashed it all for the camera. I turned around to look at you caught your slack-jawed face. It was clear that you knew you were witnessing true art. tee hee hee…
    The whole thing was a LOT of fun! Happy you were there for one of my favorite Berlin events.

    Headbang, you’ve made a solid choice. If I have anything to say about it, Adam will also probably end up getting the same class of camera. What both of you gay men should remember is that since I have the D90, MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!

  • mateo

    Those are some great pix, Adam! I think you really captured the feeling of actually being there.

  • Reko

    [Butters, fourth-grader diagnosed as a “sex addict” on South Park, Season 14, Episode 1:] What’s that between the lady’s legs? I’ve never seen that part of a lady! Do they all have a hedge like that? Did you see the bush on that lady? What the heck was that? It was almost up to her belly button. It was just so big and bushy, Sir! Why does it look like that? [Noticing a shrub at Kenny’s funeral:] There, it was like that! It looked just like that! Just like that but smaller, and right in the place where her underwear should have been! I just can’t stop thinking about bush. I mean, what it it? What does it mean? Is it a live bush? Are there berries?