July 2010


Die Welt in Berlin: World’s Largest Tethered Balloon

So apparently “Die Welt” isn’t that clear a reference, at least according to Snooker, so here is what I can see if I contort myself and look out my office window–that stuff in the way is a large net that covers the building’s courtyard. Without that netting I would presume that the courtyard would not be a hospitable cafe for humans but instead a pigeon infested hole.

After I left the office today, I headed over to the launch site for Die Welt and took some more pictures, clearer pictures, that should give you an idea what it is I am talking about.

If you want to go up, it’s 19€.

3 comments to Die Welt in Berlin: World’s Largest Tethered Balloon

  • starman1695

    19€ seems a bit much to just go up and look around.

  • Yeah, but when you’re a tourist, your expendable income seems to become more loose.

    I say that it isn’t incredibly recognizable because the advertising on it changes. If memory serves it was SAT1 a few years ago. Oh, and they moved it last year, so it is in a completely different place as well.

    • Money does seem to fly away when one is on vacation–or when one moves.

      I’m under the impression it’s been there awhile. I remember seeing it advertised as next to Checkpoint Charlie back when I took the Candy Bomber flight and that had to be two years ago. However I defer to your expertise….

      Here’s a cool view of the balloon from above.