July 2010


Two things for Tuesday

First: I have, at long last, my new Aufenthaltstitel – which is what gives me permission to live and work in Germany. It’s valid for as long as my current contract is valid. Very exciting!

Second, is an amusing chat I had today:

Me: I saw a really hot guy today in the park across the street from my house. He even made eye contact and wanted to talk to me

Friend: what did you say?

Me: he was a drug dealer

Me: I declined.

4 comments to Two things for Tuesday

  • Reko

    Adamo, Hi! Congratulations on thy new legal status in D, and it was a wise move that thee did not purchase any X (that’s slang for the drug “ecstasy”). What is thee doing today to celebrate Bastille Day?

  • That is an amusing conversation…..and encounter. Bastille Day? In Germany? Is someone confused?

  • Reko

    The question is based more in Adamo’s feelings about France than in any change to the holiday schedule in Germany.

  • Reko – I don’t observe Bastille Day. It’s not clear to me that France has done anything noteworthy in recent years. Apparently they want to make the public wearing of face coverings (e.g. the Burka) illegal. Personally I don’t understand why people would want to wear a Burka, but if they want to, I don’t think the government should be getting involved. People should be free to wear what they want, or not wear what they want. (And it’s not really a huge number of women wearing the Burka in France–something like 2,000 on any given day, at least according to the news report I heard.

    starman1695 – confused is a polite way to describe Rex.