July 2010


Progress is my middle name.

I have news, of sorts, concerning my apartment search.

I’m going to move soon. I haven’t seen the contract yet and I haven’t paid my deposit yet, but in theory, on Thursday, I will take possession of an apartment here in Berlin.

As I doesn’t want to reveal my specific living location (unless there are accidents outside my window), you will have to be content with knowing that I’m moving to Schöneberg—and since I know the name covers a large part of Berlin, I will grant the public more information by saying that I am a short walk from the Rathaus Schöneberg.

Next on my agenda: picking an electricity provider and finding movers.

5 comments to Progress is my middle name.

  • Prashanth

    Congratulations Adam!
    I wish you good luck for the new flat and also good times.

    BTW, I will also be moving this weekend to my new place in Jena. This time its similar to where you lived in Weimar…not exactly the same but close.

  • West Berlin, eh?

    Best of luck on your move.

  • I hope to come and sleep on your couch next spring break. 🙂

  • Prashanth – Congratulations on finding a flat! DG and all! I hope to see it some day. I imagine that sometime this fall or winter I will make a return trip to the Weimar/Jena to see friends and see places.

    Cynical Queer – I’m actually living in West Berlin already. I just work in East Berlin. At the moment though I live a lot further east, geographically speaking, than my office.

    ankiH.allerlanden – Very!

    MT – The Traveling Ph.D. – You are invited.