August 2010


WEBUM-2010 is only a month away in Hamburg!

I’ve been a bad boy.

Unlike many other members of the expatriate blogging community in Germany, I haven’t promoted this year’s meet-up once! Therefore I feel like I should mention the fact that from September 10 through 12, a bunch of expatriate bloggers will hold a meet-up in Hamburg.

It is the fifth (I believe) annual “Whiney Expatriate Bloggers Unmissable Meetup”—or WEBUM for short.

Previous editions were held in Bonn (2006), Dresden (2007), Bremen (2008), and Munich (2009) with each year’s local hosting committee putting together a more and more fantastic program, so much so that it’s always scared the following year’s committee with its thoroughness and detailedness.

Although the program for 2010 has not yet been announced, I expect it to contain the following key events: breakfast meetings, city walking tour, dinner gatherings, and, Saturday night, TQEQE: That Queer Expatriate’s Queer Expedition.

TQEQE is entering its fourth year, and each year gets better. The Dresden bar was tiny, noisy, and smoky with a grand total of two participants. In Bremen we had a fantastic bar with a backroom just for us and a great bartender (save for half a liter of beer in somebody’s lap). Last year, in Munich, we invaded a sedate bar with the most fantastic collection of art one could imagine. This year’s TQEQE, like previous years, will involve a trip to a bar after Saturday evening’s dinner.

If you’re a blogger in Germany, please consider coming. Heck, if you’re a blogger who wants to come, please come!

Each meet-up is an amazing opportunity to meet other interesting blogger and see an (hopefully) interesting city. It’s safe to say I’m looking forward to seeing all the old friends, plus new ones. For instance I’m hoping that the Resident on Earth can join us—she’s certainly been an interesting addition to the German expat blogging work this year (even if she uses the same theme that I do). I’m also hoping to convince one of my favorite expat bloggers, The Texpatriate, to join us all the way from Oslo.

There’s also room for local commentators, and native bloggers.

Really there are only a few requirements: First that you speak English; Second that you can do some amount of “whining” about Germany; and Third that you like to explore new cities while meeting new people.

Pop on over to the Expat Bloggers in Germany Meet-Up page to register and get involved. On the site you’ll find recommendations for hotels, information about local Hamburg transport, and, in a few days, our itinerary for the weekend.

9 comments to WEBUM-2010 is only a month away in Hamburg!

  • Jen

    In that case, if there is going to be a TQEQE, then I’ll so be there! We’re discussing it. Sounds like fun!

    RE: The Theme. Now that I’ve been to Weimar, just wait until I add a pretty pic of the Goethe and Schiller statue to my blog header pics so it can look just like yours. Bwa ha ha ha ha. 😀

  • Mandi should be posting something soon, though not all stops have been chosen yer. We are still finalising things because a couple places we’d like to reserve are on holiday til next week.
    It would be cool to have an Oslo rep come along. 🙂

  • That should read: chosen yet. I’m typing with a huge bandage on my left middle dinfeer, finger, whatever… sheared off nearly the whole top half of the nail while putting on a new bike wheel. It hurt like hell – after bandaging me up they even gave me a tetanus shot cuz I couldn#t remembee when the last one was.

  • A rough outline of activities is up on the board! Take a look and let us know if you have comments and questions.

    Jen: It’d be awesome to have you there!

  • Karla (texpatriate)

    Thanks for the invite! I am trying to work out my annoyingly tight schedule and will let you know. Sounds like fun!

  • Jen – I hope you can make it 🙂 The weekend is always a lot of fun.

    Ian – My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Mandi – It looks great!

    Karla – I hope you can make it. My fingers are crossed.

  • I didn’t hear about this until today, so totally way too late to do anything about joining. Must stay on radar for next year though. Maybe somewhere further south?

    • It’s too bad you cannot make it this year.

      You should be sure to join the discussion forum — there’s a debate in mid to late spring over where it should be held, along with a poll.