August 2010


jetBlue Flight Attendant reinactment

There’s a lot wrong with the recreation (starting with the plane), but it’s worth watching.

And in case you want a more conventional take, here’s a New York Times article.

4 comments to jetBlue Flight Attendant reinactment

  • Well, the only word I understood in that video was “Facebook.”

  • I’m so glad to see that JetBlue is now flying 747’s instead of A320’s and E190’s. This should help boost their passenger numbers significantly. 😉

  • MT – You need to work on your Chinese. I liked the door slamming when he went home and saw his boyfriend.

    Cynical Queer – but since they only own one, the maintenance costs will be astronomical–and if it goes out of service, like when a slide needs to be replaced, it will take a lot of A320s and E190s to take all the displaced passengers.

    • Excellent point.

      It’s been amusing reading comments on news reports about this. There are two distinct camps – the aviation industry related folks and the general public.

      Frankly, I fall on the side of the aviation industry workers since I’ve seen how rude, surly, and downright hostile customers get. I understand it’s a stressful situation, but when you haul a steamer trunk on the plane as a carry-on, don’t be surprised if they expect you to gate check it and retrieve at baggage claim. *shrugs*

      I remember the incident I witnessed (and was slightly involved with) on a flight from Las Vegas to Washington, DC a couple of months before we went to South Africa. The flight got delayed for an inoperable lavatory, and one woman sitting in the row in front of me got agitated, so concerned she wasn’t going to get home on time and her kids were going to be left to fend for themselves, or something.

      We finally arrived in Washington, DC and she blurted out to the whole cabin, “I need to get off first because I’m going to miss my connecting flight if I don’t…” as if none of the other passengers was facing a similar situation.

      I simply walked up to the computer kiosk, got my new boarding pass for the next flight, and went and had dinner. She walked up to the gate agent, waited in line for an hour (I watched it since I had time), and then got her boarding pass for the next flight home, after yelling at the gate agent who had nothing to do with the flight delay.

      Is it any wonder people working for airlines finally snap? At least I try to be friendly to the on-board staff. They have a difficult job.