August 2010


On Settling Down.

I’m happy to report that things are falling into place in the apartment.

It’s making that magic transformation from a generic abode into something more home-like.

Faggots (British Style)

Eat faggots.

Today I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors and started to put things in my living room into what should be their final resting spots. My box of faggots is on the top shelf along with my Grütze container.

After examining my budget, I found a few spare Euro that I turned into picture frames. Three more pictures framed, three more to go. The last three are problematic because the images are either non-standard sizes or lack straight-edges.

I bought the picture frames at Ikea where I also took the opportunity to look at what I want to buy next month, once I have money. I need something to hold a few electronics and, in the long run, spice jars and some place to put the spice jars. A small kitchen-shelving tower would also be nice.

As for photos of the apartment, I’ve decide to do them one room at a time, much like I did for my Weimar apartment. The bedroom will be up first as it is closest to being complete. Actually I think it is complete unless I decide to hang some more pictures on the wall.

Happy End

After the end: happy.

The bathroom is almost completely done as well. I only want a small cupboard for under the sink to hold my spare rolls of toilet paper and other sundries. (I proudly use, by the way, Happy End toilet paper.)

The living room is essentially done save for pictures on the wall and slipcovers.

The slipcovers aren’t actually a minor issue—I’m hoping that slipcovers aren’t outrageously expensive. I probably have to have them custom made because my sofas are from the States. At some point I looked at American slipcovers on the web and made some measurements. It seems that my loveseats are something like four inches too wide for standard loveseat measurements, but way too small for 3-person couches. I also have two ottomans that need slipcovers.

The couches actually look pretty awful against the white walls and light of my new apartment. The dinginess was not noticeable in Weimar, plus I think the couches picked up some dirt in transport and storage.

The kitchen has a ways to go. I need the cabinets rehung in order to prevent them from falling off the wall. Currently I have a tentative appointment to fix the problem in early October. At that time I’ll also have spice jar racks hung and whatever else I decide to have done to the kitchen done. It’s going to be an awkward month not having complete use of my kitchen cabinets, but I can still cook at home—I just won’t be stocking up on dried goods beyond what I need for a week or so at a time.

Finally the hallway still needs a light fixture installed—I’ll buy that right before the handyman comes. I’m also planning on hanging two or three pictures in the hallway, plus a bulletin board.

4 comments to On Settling Down.

  • mateo

    I thought that was a picture of your freezer and I was a bit disturbed at your eating habits…..LOL! Glad you are getting settled in. I’ve lived at my place for over a year now and am still getting settled in!!!

    • Thanks! I hope you get to see my place one day. I’m making pretty rapid progress at getting settled. I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

  • koko

    Glad to see that things are falling into place. It takes a while to get settled into a new place. Soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy it all again. I’m still doing laundry from our vacay to St Lucia…ahhhh!

    • I’m glad you’re back — I’ve virtually missed you.

      Still? In the land of big, fast, washing machines and no noise restrictions that prevent/discourage you from doing laundry on Sundays? How much do you have?