August 2010


I’m rich!

Well, not really rich—but the good news, at least for me, is that my bank account is sufficiently above zero that I feel comfortable.

And I’ve done some shopping already:

  • DSL/Landline Service: I’ve ordered phone service for home, including DSL that is, in theory, 8 times faster than what I had in Weimar. It should be installed in about two weeks. As my old phone was not really fantastic, I bought a new one: the least expensive one in the shop, at 30€–I had to ask. More problematic was the DSL modem/router. T-Com wanted 150€ or 4€/month for a modem/router. That seemed a bit steep to me so I opted not to get one from T-COM. I might need to reconsider that decision.
  • iPhone4: I’ve put myself on the waiting list for an iPhone 4. Apparently T-Mobile is sold out. I have quite a wait ahead of me. I should have reserved one a couple weeks ago.
  • Grown-Up Stuff: Yeah, I bought some grown-up stuff. I feel like an adult. No details here.

Next on my shopping agenda is a trip to Ikea to buy a few more things that I need/want to complete the large purchases for the apartment. I need shelves for my kitchen and a low side-table for my living room. After that I think my furniture needs are essentially complete – oh yeah, and a cabinet for under my bathroom sink.

I also want to do something that I haven’t done since moving from the States—what that is I will keep private, for now.

It’s nice to be in the money.

I promise not to blow my wad all in one go.

3 comments to I’m rich!

  • Adult things? That makes the mind wander to inappropriate places ya know…

    I’ll be curious what the thing you want to do is. I’m sure it’s not go out into the streets and sing, “I’m so pretty.”

  • koko

    I’ll be rich soon too! My first week of earning big girl money! WOOOO!

  • Cynical Queer – I said “grown-up stuff” — not adult things, and definitely not adult toys. Although maybe…

    Nurse Koko – Good luck… I hope everything goes well.