September 2010


Holy Crap! Guests are coming! I need to clean!

Other than the movers, the handyman, and the (unnecessary) plumber, the only person to have set foot in my apartment since my move-in day is… me.

In part it is because of my kitchen: I like to cook for my guests and until my kitchen cabinets are properly attached to the wall, I’m not really in grocery stock up mode – rather I am in keeping a relatively small supply of everyday staples around—like bread, pasta, tomato sauce, and the like.

I’m doing it this way because I know that in a couple weeks I will have to empty the cupboards out so that they can be properly rehung. I don’t really see the point in filling them with food because doing so will only cause the cabinets to fall off or, even worse, mean that I will have to empty the cabinets the day before the handyman appears.

However I’ve invited two guests this week: Snooker and Sweet No, who will grace my apartment, see where it is, offer up some useful advice, and then I will take them out to dinner as my way of thanking them for all their helpful advice and assistance.

But before they come over I am entering a cleaning frenzy. Sure I still have pictures to hang, but I also have dust under the bed (already!!!), and I have a few more stray boxes to put into storage: I’ve purchased a water-cooker, as the Germans call it, or an electric kettle; plus my land line telephone; and a mysterious package that was delivered to one of my neighbors whilst I was at work (I’d tell you what was in it, but that would ruin the surprise that I sort of have planned for later).

I didn’t help myself last night when I went to Ikea and picked up a lot of things for not so much money – Ikea has dropped the prices on a number of things that I needed, wanted, and didn’t know I wanted. I picked up some inexpensive wooden cutting boards, a thermos, plus the fitted sheets I need to replace the ones that are starting to become hole-ly.

Along the way I picked up a few supplies to make any future overnight guests comfortable, a candle, and some other useless knickknacks.

So this evening, while you’re enjoying a good book, remember that I’m at home—vacuuming, doing laundry, dusting, washing dishes, and trying to make my place look presentable for my guests.

Oh yeah, and since my landline turns on today, I’ll be calling the States to talk with my friends and family. I like having unlimited international calls.

2 comments to Holy Crap! Guests are coming! I need to clean!

  • I thought you said that you would just be happy to get your dirty laundry out of the way?
    Don’t clean on our account. You’ve seen our house in the throes of chaos… it couldn’t be worse than that.
    But the dust under the bed… I will NOT abide that! 😉
    Looking forward to it.

    • The apartment has been (mostly) vacuumed, stuff cleaned and put away. It’s no where near what I ultimately want, but you won’t be seeing dirty underwear or anything else that shouldn’t be visible.

      I’m looking forward to having you.