September 2010


It’s been a great weekend, so far.

I’m happy to report that my first guests, Snooker and Sweet No, liked my apartment, and how it is decorated, as well as coming up with plausible explanations for why there are damaged areas on my floors plus the odd bathroom/kitchen configuration.

Their impending visit was just the kick in the pants I needed to go shopping and buy a few things that I needed to buy: S-shaped hooks to hang old license plates and a bulletin board.

Colorado and Indiana license plates

Guess which school I love.

I have five old license plates, one a gift from the Cynical Queer, three that adorned the back of my car, and one I got in trade from somebody in Wyoming in return for one of my Colorado plates. Strangely, the S-shaped hooks fit four of the five license plates, but I could not get the hooks into the Wyoming plate as the holes were several millimeters further in from the edges than on any of the other four plates.

I ended up hanging four in the living room and putting the other next to my front door. I think the plates look pretty spiffy—and certainly different from anything you see on the streets of Berlin.

The bulletin board is now hanging near the front door and has already acquired much of the comical crap that used to hang on the bulletin board at my old office. It also has some coupons, a few spare business cards, and a book review for a book I want to buy.

Happily I can also report that I am down to needing one frame. Unfortunately the piece of art in question is a non-standard size and it comes with matting. The matting has the artist’s signature on it, so I am reluctant to remove the matting. I guess this means that I will have to have it custom framed—and it’s pretty enough that I want to put it on display. I believe (any advice is appreciated here) that I can get custom frames at Bauhaus.

Meanwhile I am about to head off to meet a friend at the train station—he’s coming up to Berlin for the night and tomorrow he heads off on vacation to my roots: a holiday in Denver and the West, going through Laramie, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and then south to Zion, Grand Canyon and elsewhere.

I wish I could go.

4 comments to It’s been a great weekend, so far.

  • Ted

    I heard somewhere that the world’s fireworks competition were held in Berlin recently. I didn’t even know they existed.
    I have an IU plate and the infamous Wander Indiana plate.

  • I had forgotten about that Colorado plate i got you but I recognized it instantly when I saw the photo.


    I think I need to put my east coast collection up in the garage. They will complement the plates Big D has up there from his first car that he purchased in Pennsylvania and promptly registered in Delaware since he lived there.

  • Ted – I missed the fireworks competition, I would have loved to go. I’ve heard that near one of the fireworks factories in some place like Montana, it’s possible to see fantastic fireworks year round as they do testing. — That said, did you wander indiana?

    Cynical Queer – This is the first time I could put the plate on proper display. I probably wouldn’t have put all the plates on display in the States; its the fact that I am in Germany that makes them displayable.

  • Jen

    Funnily enough, the wall in our entryway is filled with U.S. and Canadian license plates (including a few old ones from Quebec that are pretty cool) that The Mann picked up from flea markets or something. But, being a girl, I don’t think they are very “pretty” and would rather put up something a bit more elegant, or at the very least narrow them down to the few that are cool. Besides, I’m tired of ugly old U.S. license plates. But since I want to keep the peace, I just stay mum. 😉