September 2010


5 on the Fifth: Blue

Awhile back I participated in a weekly photo challenge, which I ultimately dropped because it was weekly and I had trouble keeping up. So while the frequency was too great, I wasn’t completely opposed to the idea of doing some kind of photography challenge–and over the last couple of month’s the participation by torchy in 5 on the fifth has made me curious, so when I saw the suggested topic for today, “The Blues”, I wondered what I could put together.

My effort is below; if you want to see more, visit The State of the Nation UK Five on the fifth #15

Deutsche Bank's Bear

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church with blue skies

Rathaus Schöneberg

U Stadtmitte

Blue Hoodie at Folsom Fest

12 comments to 5 on the Fifth: Blue

  • Thanks for taking part – I like the last one!

  • Scott

    Love the Stadtmitte picture…gorgeous!

  • They are great photos – love the cheekiness of the last one!

  • ahaha I wasnt expecting that ass.!

    Here is Mine

  • Very nice! Love the 2nd shot, and wasn’t expecting the 5th at all! Nicely done.

  • Nice. I love the texture in the second photo and the composition of the Stadtmitte photo.


  • virginia

    Love the third photo. Soooo jealous, Germany is on my bucket list.

  • Looks like Folsom Berlin is not as crowded as the actual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

    Still, it was amusing to see the back end at the end.

  • For anybody who cares, the photos are:

    1) Deutsche Bank on Friedrichstraße in Berlin, between Mohrenstraße and Taubenstraße.

    2) Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin.

    3) The Rathaus Schöneberg, loosely speaking “city hall”, for the Schöneberg part of Berlin. This is where John F. Kennedy gave his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech.

    4) This is the U-Stadtmitte station on Freidrichstraße in Berlin, just north of Leipzer-Straße. The light out was bad at the time I was there and this is one of the few photos I’ve ever manipulated to adjust lighting. I chose to emphasize the blue.

    5) I went to Folsom Europe to take photos on Saturday. Unfortunately I got there at 4:30, just as it got cloudy and shortly before it started to rain heavily. I was hoping to find somebody in decent light wearing a blue shirted police uniform, and while I did, none of the photos worked. This one worked. The photo is along Fuggerstraße, in front of a building that I seriously considered moving into.

    Stephan – Thanks. I hope to participate in the future. I can handle a once a month commitment.

    Scott – Thanks!

    Jason – The first of many possible puns 🙂

    Dennis the Mennis – I have to say that the ass made me chase him down the street. I took several photos hoping that one would turn out (lighting conditions were terrible), this one did.

    Howard – Thanks!

    NewLeaf – Thansk. I was worried that the 2nd wouldn’t turn out at all. I was there in the afternoon and I think that the light is probably better in the morning, at least for the angle I was trying to capture.

    virginia – come, visit 🙂

    Cynical Queer – It probably is smaller, and I suspect that it wasn’t as crowded as it might have been as it was cloudy and about to rain. 30 minutes later it was pouring rain and everything got soaked, including me as I was trying to get home.

  • The 2nd one is really nice, sorry for not commenting often, but I still read.

  • darci – Thanks!

    Martin Wisser – No need to comment often at all. Only when the mood strikes you. Congratulations, by the way, for being the 7,900th comment left on my blog. I thank you.