September 2010


Things I’ve learned this weekend at the real Berlin Marathon

1) Skaters go really fast and make for great photography. Except when it’s cloudy and rain is falling.

2) Racers go at a much more reasonable pace but they smell bad, even when it’s cloudy and raining. I hesitate to imagine how bad it could smell if it were sunny out.

3) There are a lot of runners from Denmark, and Denmark has a lot of super fine red-heads who like to run.

4) I want a better camera. I want to learn more about photography.

real,- Berlin Marathon Inline-Skating

These were the first skaters. Incredibly fast.

real,- Berlin Marathon Inline-Skating

Why skate when you can ride?

real,- Berlin Marathon Inline-Skating

Turning a corner

real,- Berlin Marathon

Midrace snack.

real,- Berlin Marathon

Masses and masses of runners

real,- Berlin Marathon


3 comments to Things I’ve learned this weekend at the real Berlin Marathon

  • I dunno, maybe I value my bones and skin too much, but I’d *never* go inline skating on wet pavement. Slick as grease, and not slippery like ice when you fall.

  • I’m forecasting that band-aid sales are going to increase in Berlin today. What, with all those sore nipples from rubbing against wet fabric.


  • Prashanth (with a stupid tie)

    Sports photography and point and shoot cameras “that fit in the pocket” might not exactly match but sometimes you end up having much better and “as it was” results. I see that in your pictures. Even though they are not the sports illustrated type, who wants them to be like that anyways?….I see more “natural action” or “the way eyes see the world” in your pics than in those fast shutter speed super duper zoom pictures…

    way to go!