October 2010


Kurbis (Pumpkin) Festival in Berlin!

As it happens I am in the middle of a large and time sensitive project so I find myself working this weekend—and I decided to check out one of the nearby cafes, Café Bilderbuch, to see if it was a good working environment.

The short answer is no, not on the weekends.

The long answer is that I was there Tuesday and it seemed perfect then with lots of eye candy working in the backroom. Today, though, all the tables in the backroom were reserved and I ended up with a small table in the front, right by the windows—not really optimal for my work concentration.

I managed to spend two hours there before decided it was time to take a walk and look at the street fair going on outside the restaurant.

Kurbis KunstIt is a Kuris festival with two stages set up and a number of booths selling stuff—Kuris, before I forget, is “pumpkin” in English. This is actually a case where I prefer the German word to the English word.

If I were still living in Weimar I would have been wandering through the insanely busy Onion Market—eating onion cake while looking at onion dolls and wondering what sort of idiot buys an onion that has had a magic marker face drawn on it.

I don’t actually have a lot of time to spare since tomorrow I have guests (more than one!) stopping by and since I have a deadline demon facing me right now. However I’m thrilled to report that a large (for Germany) Asian supermarket just opened down the street from my apartment. I stopped by it yesterday and picked up frozen dumplings as well as a variety of other things including, of all strange things, A&W Root Beer. I believe that the A&W Root Beer was imported from Thailand, given the script on the can.

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