November 2010


Thankfully there was room at the Tyndrum Lodge

So whilst in Glasgow, my friends and I took an overnight trip to Fort William. Fort William is a town along a Loch in the Scottish Highlands. More on that part of the trip later.

However, on the way back, things got dicey—and, according to a notification sign, the A82 was closed somewhere south of […]

This sign does not mean what it says.

…but what does it really mean?

Glasgow’s Galloping Gallantry: What Amazing Help!

Maybe it says something about how much I’ve become accustomed to German-style service, but I’ve been blown away by the gallantry of Glasgowians.

From the moment I arrived, Thursday at lunchtime, everyone and everything has been great, with the exception of the Glasgow Flyer bus driver who pulled away from the airport when I was […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week in my mailbox

Surprisingly I get less advertising in my mailbox in Berlin than I did in Weimar–so much less that I haven’t felt the urge to put up the “No advertising or free newspapers” sticker at all!

This week I got a flier from Berlin-Express, a package tour provider, touting trips to Dubai, Karneval in Venedig, and […]

One thing I really like about Berlin…

Buses have priority in the streets.

I love zipping past traffic jams on the way to and from work.

‘Tis the season…

Over the gym hump.

I went to the gym yesterday where I lifted weights and did cardio for an hour.

It was actually a great day because I finally was able to complete both sets of shoulder presses. I’d tell you how much weight I was lifting, but the number is so low as to be embarrassing—although if the […]

Life. Is. Fragile.

This year I’ve lost two friends to illness.

The second was just yesterday—and although I knew he was ill, the loss is sudden and unexpected. I had the great privilege of speaking with him just about a month ago and we (that is to say his wife, he, and I) were starting to think about […]

My DSL is working again.

And I’m getting caught up with a lot of things now that I can be online at home—it makes me wonder what life was like before DSL speed Internet at home.

I found out, to a limited extent this week when I went out for dinner with a friend on Tuesday and then, Wednesday, I […]