November 2010


Party Notes, Beverages

Here’s the beverage situation at home, with respect to my party:


  • Flensburger: Started with 3, 3 consumed, 0 left.
  • Lösch-Zwerg: Started with 4, 2 consumed, 1 left.
  • Büble Bier: Started with 3, 1 consumed, 2 left.
  • Becks: Started with 6, 5 consumed, 1 left.
  • Berliner Kindl Weisse (Raspberrry): Started with 0, 2 received, 2 left.
  • Jever: Started with 6, 0 consumed, 6 left.

Beer summary: started with 22 bottles, 11 consumed, 2 received, 13 left. Note 1: The Berliner Kindl Weisse was received late in the evening and never had a change to properly chill. Note 2: Jever was a mistake. I’ve thought so for a long time but previous friends in Weimar left me thinking people actually like Jever. Apparently I knew the only people who actually like it, outside of the brewers and people in Jever. Unfortunately none of them made it to my Berlin party.

Wine: I started with 3 bottles of red and 3.5 bottles of white. I now have 6 bottles of red and 3.25 bottles of white. In my recycling there are two empty bottles of red and one empty bottle of white, meaning that I received five bottles of red and two bottles of white.

Non-alcoholic beverages:

  • 2,5 bottles of sparkling water consumed.
  • 1 container of orange juice (1 liter, I think) consumed.
  • 3/4 bottle of apple juice consumed.
  • No Johannisbeere juice consumed.
  • No Sprite consumed.
  • half a bottle, out of 2, of Coke consumed.
  • Unknown amount of tap-water consumed.

9 comments to Party Notes, Beverages

  • What is this? Notes on how much was consumed with an eye to future parties?

  • Lösch-Zwerg: Started with 4, 2 consumed, 1 left.

    So, what happened to the last Lösch-Zwerg bottle — did you hand it out ot a treak-or-treater or something?

  • I would have drunk that last Zwerg-thingy but my daughter was antsy to get back to the hotel and into bed. 🙂

    Jever = piss through a lumberjack’s socks.

  • AnkiH

    You had johannisbeersaft? – I did not know. Otherwise I would have consumend the whole thing.

  • Prashanth

    math math math

    “Lösch-Zwerg: Started with 4, 2 consumed, 1 left.”: 2 should be left, isn’t it?
    where is the missing Lösch-Zwerg???….call the hardy boys!

  • Snooker – it’s a way to measure a year. I mean, measure a party.

    cliff1976 – one evaporated into thin air. (I made a mistake.)

    Ian – I am sure I’ve met people who like Jever. I just don’t know where.

    AnkiH – awe… next time. I like it as well. I didn’t actually expect anybody to drink it.

    Prashanth – thin air, thin air…

  • What, no Sterni? I’m really sorry I missed it. I’d had it marked in my calendar for weeks but ended up doing worky things I thought I’d have time to do but don’t. It’s all I ended up doing between finishing one job and starting another. I haven’t had time to scratch.

    I love the party autopsy by the way. Anyone who has a party should do one of these. One thing I notice about parties here is that everyone always brings wine and then drinks beer. Furchtbar. Well, it’s some sort of bar anyway. In Ireland parties are generally bring your own beer and everyone brings a crate. I remember when I came here first getting seriously pissed off going to parties with beer only for complete strangers to then help themselves to it without so much as a “how do you do?” These are the same people who bring wine. Furchtbar as I mentioned before.

    • Awe 🙁 I have to say that there were at least three disappointed people at the party: me, the author of Letters Home to You (Ian in Hamburg) and my friend from Erfurt, author of Big Wide World.

      I hope to meet you one day–I really enjoy your blog.