November 2010


I don’t get it.

After six years of living abroad, I seem to be out of touch with America.

I can’t figure out what Obama’s done wrong. As far as I can tell he’s expanded health care, prevented the economy from completely tanking, and started the process of unwinding all the bad things that were caused by George W. Bush.

There’s no way that anybody could undo all the damaged caused by George W. Bush and the Republican Party in just two years. The expectations were just too unrealistic and people seem to expect the country to turn on a dime.

If there is anything comforting coming out of the election results, it is that the senate is still controlled by the Democrats.

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  • Annie

    This is not much different to the German situation. Most people here complain about Merkel, but to the rest of the world she seems to do great. People forget that political actions take effect only much later. The beginning of a legislative period is always massively influenced by the previous regime.

    The comforting coming out of today’s election result is that the Repulicans now have to compromise and must not only be the opposition. That can help the country.

  • Strange, exactly the same I thought, except I was never in touch of course.

  • Hell, I live in the U.S. and I still don’t get it. I suspect the problem is that Obama hasn’t done a good job of articulating his successes in a way that the “Common Joe” can understand.

    That said — I can’t wait to see how the mainstream Republicans deal with those whack jobs from the Tea Party. Who knows? Maybe the whole party will implode? Is that the silver lining?

  • I just got back to the US after 5 years in Germany and this election was beyond me. They booted Feingold and Pelosi, both of which shocked me terribly. But I think the notion that Obama had to undone all Bush has done is not one that most voters who turned red were thinking. People in Wisconsin blame Obama for stuff he had nothing to do with. And many I talked to were outright racist and anti-semitic (Feingold is Jewish, and when he talked about running for pres. received death threats for that heritage).

    People in Wi were also pissed that Obama gave the state stimulus funding to build a train line between the two major cities in Wisconsin (one woman ran her campaign with the slogan that “as a mom, I know how to get from Madison to Milwaukee” … zoom out to her SUV). There is such naivete and disconnect in the discourse in the US right now, it’s sad. Not as sad as Feingold being unseated.

  • I’m right there with you. I don’t understand the distrust of the educated (the scary liberal elite EEK!) and almost pride some take in being idiots.

  • Ted

    It seems to me that many Americans grew up in the 80’s where it was me,me,me. Now they expect the Government to provide them with a multitude of programs but not to tax them to pay for it. Those with good health care benefits couldn’t care less about the huddled masses that are dying every day because of not being able to afford to see a doctor. Also, many still believe (as incredibly stupid as it may appear) that Obama is a Muslim born in Africa. The religious right are actually saying that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Stupidity now has a voice it is called Fox News.

  • mateo

    It seems to me that too many Americans are out of touch with America. I just hope they wake up soon and see what they are doing before it is too late!

  • You’ve said something about yourself I’ve been politely keeping to myself for some time. That is the following:

    After six years of living abroad, I seem to be out of touch with America…

    When I say that, I do not mean it in a bad way, but instead you’ve been abroad so long that I think you’ve lost touch with what is actually going on in the United States. I first noticed this when I visited you in Germany last year. You are certainly a Euopeanized American.

    I view these election results as something similar to the congress that we had in 2000-2002, only this time with a Democratic president.

    One of the unresolved congressional contests is in the district directly to the north of where I’m at now. The Democrat is leading the Republican by a mere 121 votes. It might be after Thanksgiving before that one is resolved.

  • Annie – I think the Republicans won’t compromise with Democrats, they are the party of “no” and marching in step. Although they need to get together in step.

    Martin Wisser – Americans are strange beasts.

    MT – The Traveling Ph.D. – Infighting… yes!

    Courtney – Ugh — knowing how to get from Madison to Milwaukee using an SUV?!?!?! AAARRRRGGGHHHHHHH Talk about pride in ignorance.

    Christina @ AmiExpat – I agree… pride in ignorance.

    Ted – People seem not to understand the concept of paying for things. Plus pride in ignorance… *sigh*

    mateo – hopefully, but I have my doubts.

    Irish Berliner – Thanks for the link. Interesting article.

    Cynical Queer – But I’ve always been pro-taxation. We know that increasing fuel taxes, thus making life difficult for people who drive fuel inefficient vehicles, will change behavior that will result in less fuel used, fewer SUVs on the road, and, ultimately, a better environment.