November 2010


Over the gym hump.

I went to the gym yesterday where I lifted weights and did cardio for an hour.

It was actually a great day because I finally was able to complete both sets of shoulder presses. I’d tell you how much weight I was lifting, but the number is so low as to be embarrassing—although if the weight were in pounds instead of kilograms it wouldn’t be so bad. (That said, a hottie using the machine before me was obviously struggling with only 2.5 kg more than I am struggling with, which made me feel better.)

Actually I think that the leg press weight is pretty respectable considering I haven’t done it in 6.5 years—the magic number there is 60 kg (132 lbs).

Which brings me to today: I’m actually thinking about going to the gym just to do cardio.

I’d go for a walk but the weather is just a tad on the nippy side and there’s something about the motion of the Vario machine that is addictive once I get on it and get going. My trainer has only told me to do 40 minutes of it, but yesterday I programmed the machine for 50 minutes and then extended it to 55 minutes in order finish listening to a track.

This urge to go to the gym today is a good sign: I’m over some kind of hump and my body is acquiescing to the torture I am forcing it to go through.

3 comments to Over the gym hump.

  • Jen

    I think I need to start humping the gym, too. I’ve got to do something to get myself fit again. LOL.

  • Is the Vario an elliptical? I like the elliptical much better than a regular old treadmill, but I find my feet go numb after about 20 minutes on it. Pushing through the remaining time then becomes unpleasant. I don’t know what kind they have at my gym, but I’m sure it sucks.

  • Jen – humping the gym??? hmmmmm..

    Sarah – The Vario is like an elliptical but instead of having fixed glide paths for the feet, it responds to your stride, so if you want to do something like stair climbing for a bit, you can–or you can take very long strides. I like the fact that since I respond to music, I can put the iPod on shuffle and respond to whatever comes up next in the queue.