November 2010


Thankfully there was room at the Tyndrum Lodge

So whilst in Glasgow, my friends and I took an overnight trip to Fort William. Fort William is a town along a Loch in the Scottish Highlands. More on that part of the trip later.

However, on the way back, things got dicey—and, according to a notification sign, the A82 was closed somewhere south of us, but still north of Glasgow.

So we had an unexpected second evening on the road in the tiny wide-spot in the road known as Tyndrum.

Population: 167.

Tyndrum Lodge HotelFortunately we called it quits early in the day, stopping at the Tyndrum Lodge Hotel—early enough to get rooms for £25 per person, en suite, with breakfast. I believe we quit around 4. At 7, as we returned from dinner, we witnessed somebody getting the very last room – not en suite. God only knows how many more people needed rooms after us.

According to the television and newspapers, many people were reduced to sleeping in their cars, stuck in traffic jams.

As I drifted off to sleep in the evening—I was just happy on two accounts: (1) We stopped early enough to get rooms; and (2) I had not chosen an early morning flight from Glasgow back home: I could, in fact, if necessary, take the 09:18 from Upper Tyndrum (amazingly the village has two train stations), and be back in Glasgow at 11:30—more than enough time to get to the airport and get home.

Really I have to thank the people at the Tyndrum Lodge Hotel.

Not only could they have charged us more, considering the weather and the fact that we were desperate, but the price was more than fair and it included breakfast.

Further, the staff let us use their internet connection, so I was able to check emails, look at traffic reports, and figure out train times to get back to Glasgow.

I am most impressed and happy with the Tyndrum Lodge Hotel and I would happily stay there again, preferably with better weather conditions.

The Farmers Calendar, 2011Finally I did score something really awesome: at the gas station next door, The Green Welly Stop, I looked around at what was on offer and found The Farmers Calendar for 2011.

The man’s holding his cock, right?

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