December 2010


The Same Procedure As Every Year.

Sorry, it’s New Year’s Eve.
I’m living in Germany.
This. Must. Be. Watched.

As well as a remake for children:

How about a live one, on stage:

Plus the ultimate Lego version:

4 comments to The Same Procedure As Every Year.

  • Is that Sponge Bob Yeastpants in the kids version?

    I seem to remember snapping a photo of him in Erfurt back in 2009.

    So is the Dinner for One thing a tradition with you or is there some sort of German national thing going on?

  • cv79

    Thanks! Now I will be watching all of them here in the US as I pretend that I am in Berlin.

  • When I worked for German company and was told about Dinner For One, I was surprised I had never heard of it before.

    My German colleagues were also stunned that NO ONE in England has heard of this short film! Strange how traditions build.

    By the way… http://thestateofthenationuk.blogspot.com/2010/12/first-5-for-2011.html

  • Cynical Queer — The Dinner For One is a bizarre German tradition, although I think it might also exist in some Scandinavian countries as well. However it does not exist in the UK, and Germans are always shocked to find out that Brits have no clue what “Dinner for One” is…

    cv79 – Glad to bring entertainment to your part of the world 🙂

    Stephan – No doubt. Germans get these strange ideas about English — like most think that the word “Handy” is a legitimate English word meaning mobile phone. Lots of fun confusion there. I have to say that Dinner for One is now a tradition for me in the days before New Year’s Eve — I cannot imagine not watching it.