January 2011


The bloggers I most want to meet, 2011 Edition

Every so often I sit back and think about the bloggers I want to meet.

Sometimes I tell them, sometimes I don’t.

This time I’m sharing the list with you—and it is in no particular order, so don’t read anything into the sequencing.

The Texpatriate: The Texpatriate is a Texan living in Norway. Her upstairs neighbors are noisy, she constantly misses the bus by seconds, and she lives life to the fullest. I find her blogging and tweeting to be interesting and engaging – and thanks to her, I now know that Spaniards love statues of people pooping. I’m not a huge drinker, but I imagine spending a weekend with her would involve copious amounts of booze, a fabulous time, and some aspirin in the morning.

Der Irische Berliner: He’s Irish and he’s living in Berlin. One would think it’d be easy to meet him, but he missed my housewarming party because he’s busy working, filling out the paper work in order to expect a child, and spending time doing Urban Exploration. Meeting him would be an opportunity to overdose on the accent (which makes me swoon), and get the inside scoop on why he loves that pointy object at Alexanderplatz.

A Kenyan Gay Man: Ok, so he doesn’t exist because, as we know, there are no gays in Kenya. Except him. I find his blog fascinating because his life is so different from mine. The questions he asks are questions that were asked in the US 30 years ago. Actually the questions are still being asked in the States, just not in San Francisco or New York City. The perspective he brings to issues is fascinating. I have no idea what meeting him would be like—I don’t get the impression that he’s really into clubbing – not that there is a huge gay scene in Nairobi.

Ryan and Scott: This couple, living in Austin, love Germany. However, he’s a consultant (of some kind) and he owns a salon – so their ability to travel is limited right now. Not that I object to Austin—It’s a rockin’ city. The blogging is infrequent, right now, but I assume that’s due to their incredibly interesting and hectic lives outside the Internet. I can imagine that meeting them will involve eating some fantastic dishes, although they’re vegetarians living in an area where I would seek out BBQ.

There are a few others out there, but I decided on only looking at people who’ve been on my radar for more than three or four months (ahem, Riayn, the Lesbian-Aussie-Hamburger).

4 comments to The bloggers I most want to meet, 2011 Edition

  • *sobs quietly in corner*

  • I promise as soon as I get my butt to Berlin I will come visit you. Will have to be once Operation Find An Apartment has concluded though.

  • torchy! – sorry 🙁 I shouldn’t have left you out…

    Riayn – make sure you know my schedule. I’m away a lot more than I”m here from now until early March.

  • Wow! Now we HAVE to meet! And we will. Once the nipper business is taken care of (any day now) and all the relevant paperwork filled out (best not put a time frame on that) we will meet. Somewhere with a carpet. Safer for all that swooning. 😉