January 2011


A quick review of Denver!

As I expected this particular trip to Denver has been an emotional rollercoaster for reasons I’m not readily willing to discuss in public—at least when it comes to the negative things.

On the plus side, Thursday I managed to complete a emergency project a full 24 hours ahead of when I promised to deliver it; I also visited with my Denver auto mechanic (well, my family’s auto mechanic, who is a family friend), my brother, and a high school friend who I’ve not seen since graduation day back in 1992.

I also stopped by Denver’s Apple Store where a guy whose history included not just Bloomington, Indiana, but also Thüringen—specifically Erfurt—helped me. I don’t think we’d ever met before, but given what he was doing in Thüringen, he certainly knew several people that I worked with.

Additionally, my first day in Denver I went shopping on the hunt for shirts. One hour, two thrift shops, and $47 later, I had 11 new-to-me shirts—which was five more than my minimum requirements. These are now washed and occupying a lot of space in an already tight suitcase. Happily I have Space Bags, and happily my suitcase will gain space at a later stop.

Today I’m off to visit my sister for the weekend—back to Denver Sunday afternoon and then Monday I depart for colder pastures.

3 comments to A quick review of Denver!

  • Reko

    Hello, Adamo! Please call me ASAP.

  • mateo

    Thrift shopping is the best! You can get a lot of cool stuff and don’t have to pay much money!!!

  • Correspondent

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to pop in and say we’re glad Space Bag is able to help you save space in your suitcase on your trip. Also wanted to let you know about Space Bag’s online community – the Space Savers community – which is dedicated to helping people get organized and save space at home or on the go. We even have articles with packing and traveling advice! Feel free to visit http://www.SpaceSaversCommunity.com and share your Space Bag travel story with our members. Hope to hear from you soon and safe travels!

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