January 2011


I’ve crossed yet another mental line.

As a result of growing up in Denver, Colorado, and the United States, there are certain things that, when I hear, I should automatically assume certain things.

For example, when I hear the word “Georgia”, I should think of that state in the southeastern part of the United States. Long ago I stopped thinking of that place first, and now think of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia first.

The latest line crossed is a difficult line to cross: the temperature line.

I still do not know viscerally what 40 degrees Celsius means, other than “hot”, or exactly how cold -5C is, other than “a little bit below freezing”.

However I do know that -25C is the equivalent to “Oh my! My penis is going to vanish if I’m outside for too long!”

Which is, I might note, what the temperature has been in Fargo, North Dakota, for the last couple of weeks—there were a couple of days that this was the high temperature for the day.

I’m happy to report that my friends in Fargo emailed me with some good news a couple of days ago: “We’re expecting double digit high temperatures while you’re here!”

I was honestly thrilled for a couple of minutes—some how, Fargo was not just going to be above freezing but it was going to actually be warm!

Then I remembered that we’re actually talking about reaching 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Certainly that’s better than recent weather, but 10F is not even close to 10C.

I’ll still be wearing my heavy coat, boots, and socks.

3 comments to I’ve crossed yet another mental line.

  • But look on the bright side! Fargo has a far lower crime rate than warmer places like, say, Phoenix or Miami!

  • This post goes well with my recent post about Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions in health care.

  • Ohh I’ve tried to hell and back to sort out my F’s from my C’s and my C’s from my F’s

    But in true British size queen fashion, I like the one that gives me the highest number most!

    J x