February 2011


An Early Monday Morning Update

Last fall I planned this weekend getaway to Las Vegas.

The core reason why is a bit embarrassing (*cough*elitestatus*cough*), but it turns out Vegas is an inexpensive trip from Berlin: 565€, round trip, and I planned for three nights.

Now if I didn’t have a friend who lived in Vegas, one I haven’t seen in […]

Where in the world is Adam?

Cold, Snowy, but where…

Lots of people already know, but how many people know exactly where I am in this photo?

Newfoundland Counted! Or not…


Before today I had not visited four Canadian provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Newfoundland.

I’ve always assumed that Newfoundland would be the most difficult of the ten, especially since I’ve already been to all of its neighbors.

However the fickle finger of fate send crappy weather into the skies around Newark and my […]

Awesome Graffiti in Berlin

I’m drowning!

For each project I have at work, I write a Post-It note with some details and leave it on my desk.

This morning, when I arrived, there were 9 Post-It notes on my desk. I was 90% through one of the notes, something I finished before lunch – after having dealt with a number of […]

I have a date tomorrow, tonight I’m baking…

Don’t you wish I was coming over to your place tomorrow night for dinner?

Found at my neighborhood Edeka.

There are three ways, dammit!

Yesterday I had a meeting with somebody and I brought with me a bar of chocolate for him.

He didn’t want it, explaining that he didn’t want to gain weight, then reluctantly accepted it, and then demanded I share it.

I didn’t want to share because after the meeting I was going to the gym, […]

It’s a Culture Kind of Month.

After finishing work in Bloomington I headed north to Indianapolis—not that I like Indianapolis at all, but I needed am “Adam-Time” away from it all. I ended up spending my Friday afternoon looking for something in Indy, and not finding it – the biggest problem with Indianapolis is that there is no there there, and […]

Cool Birthday Present


Holy Cow! Is it really February?

So after three weeks of cold, if not miserable, weather in the US, I’ve returned to Berlin, only to find that the weather here, while cool, is pleasant.

I haven’t needed to wear my winter coat, my boots, a hat, or a scarf for the last five days—a stark contrast to my last week in […]