February 2011


My Feet Hit The Ground, Running!

Sorry about my silence, but…

Monday my plane landed at 12:45, I was home, showered, and napping by 13:45, then I met Snooker in Berlin for a light snack before going to the gym, where I lifted weights did cardio, briefly. I closed out the day by coming home, unpacking the suitcase and crashing early.

Tuesday I went to the office, sorted through both of my professional work related email accounts and figured out what I had to do this week and next week. I came home in the evening and managed to clean up after my suitcase, which had exploded all over the living room Monday.

Wednesday was a long, but fun and exhausting day: My brother is visiting for a week and a half and I started by going to the airport where I met his plane. My apartment was really empty of food because I’d been gone for three weeks, so after he freshened up, we went shopping—looking at the bio co-op near my house, then a Turkish Supermarket, and then a mainstream supermarket. Shopping is challenging because my brother has, amongst other things, an allergy to corn and in all its forms. Finally my brother needed a nap, so he took a nap, and I hit the gym—this time, not feeling completely jetlagged, I did all of the lifting plus 51 minutes of cardio before calling it a day. Home for dinner, work, and to bed by 10.

Today I left my brother to his own devices: he went to Potsdam and I went to work where I had two meetings and managed to make a dent in the large pile of work that is begging for attention. I keep sticky notes for each project I have to do, and those two meetings led to two sticky notes getting recycled. I came home, discovered my brother wasn’t home yet—but I’ve received a call. He was lost and found himself by the Canadian Embassy at Potsdamer Platz. I’m not entirely sure how he got there from Potsdam—but I suppose I will find out, once he gets home.

Meanwhile, I am certainly on local time, but work continues to kick my ass—although tomorrow I will knock off early as I have a late afternoon appointment with my personal trainer who will tell me whether or not I’ve made any progress and change my workout routine.

Should be an interesting Friday!

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