February 2011


An Early Monday Morning Update

Last fall I planned this weekend getaway to Las Vegas.

The core reason why is a bit embarrassing (*cough*elitestatus*cough*), but it turns out Vegas is an inexpensive trip from Berlin: 565€, round trip, and I planned for three nights.

Now if I didn’t have a friend who lived in Vegas, one I haven’t seen in years, I probably would have picked out another destination as what Vegas is famous for (gambling, girls, bling, and NOISE) is exactly why I would pay not to visit the Strip and its related bullshit.

Instead my weekend has had many highlights and one low light.

First, the highlights: 1) I’ve eaten at In ‘N Out for the first time, 2) Red Rock Canyon is beautiful, although as it was snowing and cold, I have not hiked anywhere, 3) an incredible Surf ‘n Turf at a casino (thankfully the restaurant was civilized—the area between the door and the restaurant was not), 4) Seeing a piece of the Berlin Wall in a bathroom at a casino (more on that in a later post), 5) The Atomic Testing Museum, and 6) eating at Arby’s for the first time in years.

And then the low light: I learned that my father passed away.

Originally I planned on heading back to Berlin Monday morning; instead I am heading to Denver.

11 comments to An Early Monday Morning Update

  • Ted

    My Dad died two years ago and I still miss him. H ewas weak nad in pain and wanted to go but I would have had him stay longer. After my birthday, after his birthday after thanksgiving after Christmas, there is no good time to lose a parent. My sincerest condolences to you and yours.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. My condolences.

  • A – Is your family going to have some kind of memorial for him?

  • Really sorry to hear about your father 🙁
    No great words, but a virtual hug.

  • Oh man, I’m really really sorry. Shit. If there’s anyway I can help please let me know once you’re back in Berlin.

  • Adam, I’m so sorry. We’re thinking of you. *hugs*

  • I am so sorry to hear this Adam. We’re thinking of you.

  • Hope you enjoyed the Atomic Testing Museum as much as I did. As I said, you are currently in my thoughts.

  • Ted – Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

    Riayn – Thank you for your thoughts, as well 🙂

    MT – There will be something small — really immediate family members only. There will probably be something for extended family members in the summer — and I will probably not attend that, but it might depend upon the timing.

    Michelle – Thank you 🙂

    Irish Berliner – Thanks for your offer — Beer, sometime 🙂

    Sarah1976 – Thanks!

    Jentry – Thanks!

    Cathy – I appreciate the sentiment. Re The Atomic Testing Museum: it was surprisingly good. The last quarter was a bit off, but overall it seemed loosely balanced–well– perhaps a bit pro-testing.

  • My youngest brother passed away suddenly in the middle of 2005, and I still have flashes of him or something to do with him everyday of my life. They never really leave your mind and your thoughts, they will always be around.

    My sincere condolences to you.

  • J

    My deepest condolences, Adam.