March 2011


Having a busy week!

I’ve had a pretty busy week – MT showed up Tuesday afternoon. I spent the morning before her arrival going to the gym and getting my hair cut—so I’m looking buff (ha!) for her.

Wednesday we went south to Leipzig—she wanted to see the Stasi museum in Leipzig and I was more than willing to go along. Leipzig was, and may still be, my favorite German city. There’s something about it that rhymes with me – it’s smaller and more compact than Berlin, no doubt, but I like the city. It has great shopping in the city center, it has nice museums, and it’s a manageable size.

It turns out that our decision to go to Leipzig Wednesday was a good one: Thursday the train drivers were on strike from 4 until 10 am – we would have never made it to Leipzig.

Thursday and Friday I’ve left MT to her own devices – work continues to be busy. I have, as of right now, 9 items in my queue. I’m really far behind and although I deleted two items from my queue today, I also added one. Yesterday I deleted two but added three.

This weekend I’m not sure what were doing – other than going to an ice hockey game.

Fun times!

3 comments to Having a busy week!

  • I’m glad you’re getting buff for the health benefits. In the case you’ve mentioned it would be completely wasted, what with MT being married and you liking boys. 😉

    Congrats on sticking to your program!

  • Mine’s longer!

    I have 84 documents marked “notdone”, 9 more waiting for approval, and 7 more that arrived today and need to be scanned and added to the system.

    (To be fair, my “notdone” tasks are invoices that have been automatically paid but not yet been booked, so they can wait around until the end of the month.)

  • Ted

    I don’t know, attending an Ice Hockey Game doesn’t seem like a Gay thing to do. Maybe Adam isn’t as Homo as he thinks. There is a movement here that believes they can pray the gay away. I can tell them right now that does not work. They may be able to bury the desires deep but they are still there and pretending to be something you’re not will never lead to a fulfilled life. Rev. Ted