April 2011


She’s got Nyquil in her eye?!

Can anybody tell me what the first line of Germany’s Eurovision 2011 entry is? It’s sung by Lena, a performer with a rather unusual English accent, and I cannot decide what the line is, even after listening to it more times that I care to admit.

When I listen to it, […]

Working from home…

My final long-distance guest of the Spring 2011 Guest Season has left the house.

It’s been quite a whirlwind few months and I am looking forward to the next month of relative quietness—I do have a guest spending one or two nights in mid-May, but she’s from Weimar and knows Berlin better than I do.


For lazy bloggers—but not me!

I realize that I have been posting somewhat irregularly and infrequently the last couple of months – life’s been busy. Sorry.

However I just got an offer through email that could solve all my problems:

Dear Adam,

My name is Sarah from Article Writing Services. We have a client who would like to pay you […]

Pfaueninsel Adventure

Schloss auf der Pfaueninsel

So my guest, who returns to America Wednesday morning, wanted to visit a Biergarten – and since I have no idea where the good ones are, I called my friend, Snooker in Berlin for an idea.

She had two answers, but the best answer was to go to Loretta out […]

Easter Weekend, so far.

Lots of languages. No English.


The Eisbären won the German ice hockey championship! Sweet!


The Lives of the Others


Haupstrassefest in Schöneberg.



Frohe Ostern!


Nicht nur für Royals – Auch für Sie | Wedding Fever!

Royal Wedding Fever is setting in…

Salzburg Essen

With 3.5 days in Salzburg, eating was bound to happen.

I stayed in a 4 star hotel, but with a discount rate that did not include breakfast – so all meals were out and about.

There were several notable restaurants.

The person I was with wanted to, quite specifically, eat at St. Peter Stiftskeller. The […]

Salzburg is (mostly) charming.

So my weekend adventure is in Salzburg, Austria.

The city is most famous for The Sound of Music and all that entails.

Well, not actually, but it is probably the reason that most Americans who visit Salzburg visit Salzburg. The rest of the Americans who visit Salzburg are probably here because of the stunningly beautiful […]

I can’t wait for the weekend to begin!

Happily, for me, another workweek is closed.

Yes, I know, it’s only Thursday, but I have a guest in town for the next two weeks and tomorrow morning we are going out of Berlin for a long weekend. I’d tell you where, but that might ruin some of the surprise—suffice to say, we’re flying Air […]