April 2011


Killing FourSquare

I’ll admit it: I am a bit of a social media geek: I blog, I tweet, I flickr, I tumblr.

I even used to FourSquare.

But I gave it up seven weeks ago and haven’t really missed it.

I guess because I never really saw the point. For awhile I was into it because one collects points with it – however it dawned on me that there was no point to the points: no rewards, no banking of points, no point. Then I went for mayorships – but, to be honest, while the mayors of some spots get excellent gifts from the shops, nothing I was mayor of either mattered (a bus stop, for example) or, if it did (the coffee shop that I visit a couple times a week), there wasn’t any reward for being mayor.

So I stopped.

I’m not the only person to have stopped using FourSquare – I can think of two people off the top of my head who’ve quit – to the point of deleting their accounts – plus I have a number of friends who just seem to have stopped using the program.

So, to those of you who’ve requested friendship on FourSquare and wonder why I haven’t responded this is why: I wanted to see if I noticed it was missing.

I haven’t.

And the account is deleted.

3 comments to Killing FourSquare

  • I played with FourSquare and GoMiso (something similar to FourSquare, but related to TV shows and films) for a while but like you, just couldn’t see the point in the end. In addition, where I am, what I’m watching and what I’m doing are things I’m starting to guard more jealously. I’m happy for friends to know, but I don’t trust what sites like FourSquare/GoMiso/Facebook do with that info.

  • What is this FaceWeb thing you speak of?

  • Maybe you’re just being trendy, Adam, in which case I’d be worried if I were a FourSquare owner.