April 2011


Pfaueninsel Adventure

Schloss auf der Pfaueninsel

Schloss auf der Pfaueninsel

So my guest, who returns to America Wednesday morning, wanted to visit a Biergarten – and since I have no idea where the good ones are, I called my friend, Snooker in Berlin for an idea.

She had two answers, but the best answer was to go to Loretta out at Wannsee.

Tree in a Tree

Tree in a Tree

My guest also expressed a desire to take a walk – so with Wannsee in mind, I pulled out my Berlin Lonely Planet and discovered Pfaueninsel, the summer, romantic, island home for King Friedrich Wilhelm II. Although the island’s castle is normally closed on Mondays, happily as today is Easter Monday, it was open – and so off we went.

It turns out to be easy to get to –twice hourly buses (on weekends and holiday days; one per hour other days) on route 218 leave from S-Wannsee—and, in short order, are going down a narrow road through the woods toward its final stop, Pfaueninsel, where we hopped off the bus, took a short walk to the ferry dock, paid 3€ each and boarded the cute, small, ferry for the short, fast, ride over to the actual island.


Spring Tulips

Peacock Island is a gorgeous island, with, even at this early date, plenty of greenery and lots of hiking trails.

We coughed up 3€ each for the tour of Peacock Island Palace, which is this fantastic house with a faux stone exterior. The interior was stunning.

After our tour we had a pleasant walk around the island before venturing back to the mainland and stops at two beer gardens –one expensive and forgettable, and then Loretta, which was nice and not so expensive.

3 comments to Pfaueninsel Adventure

  • SnookerInBerlin

    I’m really happy you liked Loretta. It’s been a favorite of mine.
    The Pfaueninsel is nice as well. Go back in fall for the changing of the leaves, even better than spring.

  • Karisti

    Loretta is a great biergarten. When I lived in Berlin, my favorite was Cafe am Neuen See – or as we called it, the biergarten in the Tiergarten . It is just across the canal from the Zoo and is a lovely spot (not to be confused with Schleusenkrug – which isn’t bad). The other two we frequented were Prater in Prenzlauer Berg and a smaller biergarten in Treptower Park. I also loved the strandbar – the bier beaches along the rivers and canals in the city.

    Ahhh, I miss Berlin in the spring and summer. Who am I kidding, I miss Berlin all the time!

  • Hi Adam

    I am after a favour – I want ONE SECOND of your time!

    I have an idea for a 30 second movie, that will add to the couple of ’30 second movies’ I have done so far.

    Can you video yourself saying the word “PRACTICE” and email it to me?

    A strange request, I know, but all will become clear when I piece it together with other bloggers clips to make a famous saying.

    If you are willing – send the clip to sfchapman@hotmail.com