April 2011


For lazy bloggers—but not me!

I realize that I have been posting somewhat irregularly and infrequently the last couple of months – life’s been busy. Sorry.

However I just got an offer through email that could solve all my problems:

Dear Adam,

My name is Sarah from Article Writing Services. We have a client who would like to pay you for the opportunity to post some of their content on your website. All of the content is professionally produced and you can select from pieces relevant to your audience.

The result is you get some free, interesting content for your readers while getting paid.

In return our client is asking for one link that they specify at the bottom of the content (no porn or gambling). Feel free to contact me with any concerns or clarifications you may have.

If you would like to see some examples of our content, please email me at sarah@article-writing-services.org so we can begin.


Sarah Miller
Outreach Manager – Article Writing Services

This email begs the question, of course, what kind of assholes actually use this service? What is it about my blog (other than its existence) makes them think that I would accept compensation for posting commercial crap?

Ultimately I have no answers to either question—but maybe one of you will write to Sarah Miller and ask her.

On the other hand, I hope never to hear from her or her ilk again.

5 comments to For lazy bloggers—but not me!

  • Spammer = outreach manager? That’s like the janitor calling himself a sanitation engineer.

  • Jul

    Yes, what she is offering is not something you’d ever want to put on your blog. But why is her email spam? I get emails from people looking to place advertising of one kind or another on my blog all the time. I don’t reply to most of them, but I only consider the most egregious ones as spam (ie, those that don’t provide the sender’s name, business, or contact info). It looks like what she’s proposing is a lot more up-front than those sleazy emails that Internations keeps sending out (in which they ask bloggers to advertise them for free). Actually, it appears with this post that you’ve done a little free advertising for Article Writing Services, no?

    I agree with your repulsion at what the email is proposing. If posts of this nature started showing up on a blog I read, I’d probably hit ‘unsubscribe’ pretty quick.

  • I don’t like advertising. I despise it. Having worked in it for several years I have a sound basis for saying this. To this day it is why I seek out clothing with the least possible amount of logos or other advertising on it. My feeling is if these people want to advertise on my clothing they need to give me the clothing.

    I’ve had advertising showing up on my blog recently. But since I’m using the blog service for free, I figure there is not much I can do about it. I’ve noticed it showing up in the comments section. *ugh*

    Know any way to turn it off on the system I’m using?

  • Isn’t spam an unsolicited advertisement in your email inbox? That’s why I called it so.

  • prashanth

    “what kind of assholes actually use this service?”

    my dear Adam!…It is those A’Holes who get rich faster, die faster 🙂