June 2011


No time to write.

I noted recently that since moving to Berlin, my life’s become busy.

So, rather than ramble on and on about crap, here are the highlights of my life, right now:

First, the weather, although warm, is much nicer today than it was yesterday. Yesterday Berlin was a humid mess and it was sticky just walking around. Rain last night has cooled the city considerably with the added benefit of cutting the humidity.

As usual my May and June allergies are fierce—and I know when my anti-allergy drug is wearing off – it’s supposed to last about 12 hours, but at about the 10.5 hour mark, I start sneezing – and I reach for my supply of pills.

The 18th of June is the Fotomarathon (Photo Marathon) here in Berlin—it’s a 12 hour contest (11:00 to 23:00) where contestants race to take 24 photos that somehow fit both an overarching theme and a specific prompt. The photos must be taken in the proper sequence and there are periodic check-in points where you go in order to receive the next set of prompts. At the end of the race your 24 photos are printed and put on display. I learned about this from Snooker in Berlin—and I fully intend on travelling alone throughout the 12 hours.

This weekend I’m taking a trip to two mystery destinations—Mysteries to you, but not me. It involves flying (new airline, new airport) for about an hour (gate to gate), with two nights in hotels and two nights visiting a friend. I’m very excited about the trip. I’m sure that I will blog at least once or twice throughout my trip.

Finally, I learned this morning that Rick Santorum is running for president. He is a truly terrible man who believes that he should be in my bedroom monitoring my sex life—and that men should only fuck women, only for having children, and only after having been married in church. As such I believe it is doubly important to ensure that people who search for Rick Santorum are directed to an appropriate website—so I am spreading Santorum.

2 comments to No time to write.

  • mateo

    This photomarathon sounds fun and challenging! Can’t wait to hear about it and your future trip!

  • Viel Spaß!

    Anyone who believes they have a right to monitor anyone’s sex life just reminds me of the Church. Look how that turned out. At least pRick Santorum has spawned a very enjoyable blog.