June 2011


CSD 2011, Berlin, as seen from the Official Lady Gaga Truck

I won’t try to justify it – but instead of watching this year’s Christopher Street Days Parade (the mainstream one) go through Berlin, I bought a ticket and jumped onboard the Official Lady Gaga Truck.

The weather was optimal – it never rained, but it never got excessively hot, so there wasn’t a problem with melting. The main problems I had, to be honest, were with hearing and urine. The truck was loud and I hadn’t thought ahead to buy earplugs – consequently, right now, I am somewhat deaf.

The urine problem comes from the fact that as part of the ticket there was unlimited free beer (Beck’s) and prosecco. I realized the potential problem fairly early and limited myself to two cups of prosecco—thus limiting myself to two trips off the truck – one just before crossing the start line, where I paid 50 cents to pee at a restaurant, and then I peed into a bush somewhere near Tiergarten. Others on the truck were getting off far more frequently. The parade organizers really should import the public urinals that I’ve seen in Amsterdam.

I might note that occasionally the crowd was energetic than those of us on the truck – and the crowd tried to get those of us on the truck to dance more – but let me observe something: the music on the Official Lady Gaga Truck started somewhere around 12:30 or 12:45. The truck hit the finish line around 6:30 or 7pm. That’s a lot of time to be dancing and a lot of Lady Gaga – it is a testament to the quality of her music that I still want to listen to her music in the future – although I am listening to nothing right now because I’ve overdosed on dance music today.

There are a total of 123 photos uploaded to Flickr – you can see my complete CSD 2011 From the Official Lady Gaga Truck set, or, if you’re sane, you can see a few highlights below. Find commentary about the photos I’ve posted here in the captions.

Police Wagon with the goods

The police were well prepared for the parade. Beer in the back of the wagon

Hot Man

His armband said "Captain", his underwear didn't hide much.

Pink Flight Attendants

I think that "Pope Fly Home" is an anti-papal visit message. I agree--the pope should stay in the vatican.

Wittenburg Platz Crowd

The crowd at Wittenburgplatz was enthusiastic

I ♥ NY

I ♥ NY -- I woke up to the news this morning that a US state made a huge leap forward while I was asleep, approving same-sex marriages. It's nice to know that the US doesn't always move backwards -- it's one giant leap forward.

Berlin Love

This t-shirt really lept out at me -- I've not seen it before and I thought the design was quite nice. Not to mention the guy wearing it!

Watching from up high

At Wittenburgplatz, some people were watchign from up high, and they loved the Lady Gaga Truck!

Nollendorfplatz Crowd

This is Nollendorfplatz and what an enormous crowd -- the heart of one of Berlin's gay districts.

Watching the Parade

It's really amazing how many people came out to watch the parade. I've read that close to 500,000 people watch the parade--so some of them must be heterosexuals. Perhaps these two?

What is the kid advertising?!?!?!

The American Family Associate would be horrified to see that this kid is wearing a sticker that promotes Dildo King, along with the cheerful message that "We will fuck you".


7 comments to CSD 2011, Berlin, as seen from the Official Lady Gaga Truck

  • mateo

    Wow! Looks like an exciting day! I can’t believe you would ride the Lady Gaga truck…I would go insane after listening to her for that many hours in a row. And keeping up the energy to dance for that long would be difficult at my age, though I’m sure I would have tried when I was younger. I’m excited, too, about the news of New York. Just found out before I came to your blog. Maybe there is hope for us yet? Now I think I will go the route of insanity and check out all your other CSD pics! 😉

  • Great to see you in the parade today. Looks like you had a really good time! P.S. I just sent you an e-mail with a couple of photos that D took.

  • Looks like great fun! Love seeing gay pride pics from around the world.
    Your one photo brings to mind the title line from one of our great gay poets: “O Captain! My Captain!” 😉

  • I think an official Lady Gaga Truck is a weird thig, but cool

  • Jen

    Wow, that is a very cool hetereosexual couple watching the parade! 😉

  • mateo – I hoped you liked all of them!

    Mandi – I had a great time, save for my hearing problems after the parade! Thanks for the photos.

    John – 🙂 I would have sailed his ship!

    zoe delay – I think it was the only official lady gaga truck in the world, but I can’t state that as fact.

    Jen – I know! Str8 but not narrow!