July 2011


It’s challenging reading messages from my insurance company.

Tuesday evening HUK24, my German insurance company, sent me two messages to my private email address, essentially identical, each saying:

Sehr geehrter Herr Lederer,

wir haben Ihre Beitragsrechnung in Ihrem HUK24-Postfach abgelegt.

Um Ihre Nachricht abzurufen, loggen Sie sich bitte auf unserer
Internetseite in Ihren Servicebereich “Meine HUK24” ein und wählen Sie
anschließend die Option “Postfach”.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ihre HUK24 AG
Die Online-Versicherung

Or for the German impaired amongst my readers,

Dear Mr. Lederer:

We’ve sent you a bill that you can find in your online mailbox at our website.

Login and find out how much money you owe us.

Warm regards,

Your On-Line Insurance Company.

Maybe my translation isn’t precise, but it captures the idea pretty well.

So Wednesday I took a pause from work to log-in and find out what the two bills said – but there was a hitch, I didn’t know either my username or my “PIN”. Naturally I clicked the option for username and password recovery, which then necessitated me entering my name, my insurance policy number, my date of birth, plus correctly identifying which animal out of the 25 pictured was the Magenta Moosehawk.


I thought I would be rewarded with a message that I could now find my username and password in my email inbox – but I wasn’t. Instead I was rewarded with a screen asking me for, get this, my “SUPER PIN”.

Now if I didn’t know either my username or my pin, why on earth would I know my SUPER PIN?

So I had to request it.

And it had to be mailed to me.

As in a letter, which I received when I got home last night. To actually see the PIN, I had to open a special door on the back of the letter and then hold it up to the light in order to faintly make out the SUPER PIN that was printed in light grey on what appeared to be a black cellophane.

With all of this information, I tried my luck again, today – and was rewarded with access to see the bills for my insurance over the next 12 months.

Rates are not going up.

Life. Is. Good.

Except for the constant, relentless, rain.

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