July 2011


#11FMB – The exhibition

Last night I headed over to see the Berlin Fotomarathon’s exhibition.

Although I could have cheated and looked at the chart indicating where the my photos were displayed, I opted to just wander and be surprised.

Fotomarathon Ausstellung

It was really excellent seeing all of the creative genius on display. Clearly I am not an amateur: I’m a novice. Many people were able to figure out how to incorporate the sense of “music is in the air” into their photos – whether it was having headphones in each photo or whether it was having records on display.

That’s not to say I wasn’t the only person who gave up on trying to figure out how to incorporate music into their photos. I don’t grok music and I had never heard any of the songs we were set to photograph.

My favorite set of photos was number 24 – I should have written down the persons name – which took a map of Berlin and photographed all 24 photos on the map, finding bits and pieces that were appropriate for each song title – but didn’t clearly incorporate music in any fashion. Actually only 23 photographs were of Berlin’s map—for the song “Change of Scenery”, a map of London was used.

Happily I found my photos on display :it was fun seeing them on the wall. I should get them in the mail in a week or so, and then I will decide exactly what to do with my 3-meter long strip of photos: to frame or not to frame, and where to hang?

Me at the Fotomarathon exhibition

My photos are the ones running through my head.

These are fun things to think about.

And I still want to do other photomarathons…

Life. Is. Good.

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