July 2011


Help! Electric Light Advice Needed

So… here’s the deal: Last Saturday morning, I woke up and took a shower in my bathroom. The light in the ceiling worked. After my shower, I left the bathroom and turned off the light.

Some (undetermined) time later I returned to the bathroom, turned on the switch, but there was no light from the ceiling. Everything else associated with the switch worked: the ventilating fan and the light above the sink.

There was nothing to suggest to me that the light bulb had burned out – in fact, the bulb is relatively new, installed in February, when the previous bulb did burn out, and burned out in a way that I knew it had burned out.

Now, to be honest, I’ve never found the light in my bathroom to be all that bright – and it usually was pretty dim when turned on, then taking a minute or two before it reach full brightness.

Keeping all of this in mind, I started the process of finding a handyman to replace the light fixture because I suspect that the light fixture itself is somewhat faulty, but due to work commitments and other time constraints, I do not have time to have somebody come this week.

Since Saturday morning the light above the sink in combination with the light from my hallway has brightened my bathroom time.

The light turned on this evening when I came home after work and going to the gym.

Here’s my question: What do I do now?

6 comments to Help! Electric Light Advice Needed

  • Q: How many Adams does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: Obviously more than one! 🙂

  • The light stopped working again.

  • Seriously, turn the switch on and smack it a couple times (lightly – pun) and see what happens. If the light flickers you need to either get the wires behind the switch secured better, or have a new switch installed.

    This sounds like a problem with the switch and not the fixture, I’m guessing a loose wire somewhere so it is not making a connection/complete circuit. But it could also be a loose wire in the fixture itself.

    It’s definitely not a burned out bulb from your description. From what you’re saying, this should be a fairly simple fix.

  • MT

    It sounds like a short to me. We had a problem like that in our downstairs bathroom. Our contractor friend rewired the switch.

  • Get an electrician, asap. I remember something like that happening at my parent’s kitchen, turns out the whole wiring was faulty and it almost burned the house down (wiring wasn’t changed since the ’60s)

  • Cynical Queer, MT, Cathy – Thanks for the thoughts – I did, as you know, get a handyman in, and it wasn’t a short. It was the energy saving light bulb. Very strange, in my book.