August 2011


This is Indiana

One thing that I do now, more than I did in the past, is think about the messages that what t-shirts I wear, say. Consequently, I’m buying fewer random t-shirts and wishing I had more of some messages.

For example, at the gym I wear duds for the Wyoming Cowboys (I wish I had more) […]

Now underwhelmed by that first day excitement…

You can tell when people are changing classes…

While the timing of this trip was dictated by something I was invited to attend, it happens to match the first week of classes at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Technically, I’m on vacation, but I’ve taken care of a number of housekeeping-like things, like visiting the bank […]

Sunday (Paoli, Marengo Cave, Ohio River, and Gus Grissom) in Pictures

French Toast at Wee Willie's on S. Walnut in Bloomington. This is one of my favorite breakfasts in the world and every time I come to Bloomington I make a point of eating this. The restaurant is a local's joint.

I passed through Paoli, Indiana, which had a huge fire last November. The […]

A Tale of Two Films: One Good Bad and One Bad Bad.

My last evening in Indianapolis was with friends and two movies: You Should Meet My Son! And MILF.

The first I found on Amazon.com by pure chance, and after watching the trailer, I decided to buy. The second was streamed over Netflix, and was listed both as a comedy and a drama.


Thursday in Indianapolis

A Stuffed Burrito Sonoma at Good Morning Mama's

Moving So Fast…

Victory Field at Dusk

Hanging Lamps



Notes on Pond-Hopping and Subsequent Events

Yesterday’s post was written from the comfort of my own apartment in Berlin. This post is written, at least right now, at 36,000 feet, somewhere south of Reykjavik, Iceland. Funny enough I know somebody who is vacationing there, at least as I write this.

Checking in 24 hours in advance of the flight was well […]

48: 10 Southern States

As you read this, I’m enjoying my day of jetlag – waking obscenely early (for the USA), and generally being dead to the world for a day. I’ll be better tomorrow.

In this weakened state, I’m starting to think that the United States has too many States – perhaps states should merge so that, like […]

48: The Eleven in the Middle

Ah… time to bore you with 11 states in the middle of the country, now that I’ve cleared the 12 in the West. I’m en route to talking about the 48 Contiguous United States – and in the near future I will have visited all 48, leaving only Alaska and Hawaii to visit.

North Dakota […]

It be VACATION season in Germany!

Funny enough, despite living in Germany for 8 summers, this summer is the first summer that I’ve really noticed tourist season.

You see, August is the month that Germans go on vacation.

Living in Weimar this was hard to observe for a couple of reasons: First, Weimar is a tourist trap – in particular a […]

48: The Rest of the West…

Covering the rest of the west is, for me, easy: California is filled with lots of memories, and while I know the Cynical Queer wants me to talk about his hometown, my California memories first center on going to Sea World in San Diego with my parents when I was a kid, probably the only […]