August 2011


Now underwhelmed by that first day excitement…

Finding their way

You can tell when people are changing classes...

While the timing of this trip was dictated by something I was invited to attend, it happens to match the first week of classes at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Technically, I’m on vacation, but I’ve taken care of a number of housekeeping-like things, like visiting the bank and venturing onto campus to visit friends.

Going on campus Monday was interesting because it was the first day of classes and it evoked two emotions in me: First, I tried to insulate myself as much as possible early in the day so that nobody would ask me questions or, even worse, assume that I was a clueless freshman (although I suppose I look too old to play that part). Second, it brought out the nostalgic musings in me.

Frat Boy Studying

Frat Boy Studying... on the first day of classes.

I suppose the more interesting aspect is the nostalgic aspect – I remember what it was like to be a freshman on the University of Wyoming campus – wanting to make sure that I didn’t get lost. It’s not a huge campus, mind you, but it is a lot larger than the campus of Denver’s George Washington High School.

The memories are a bit murky overall – it’s been awhile since I was a freshman.

Oddly I do have one clear memory from the first day of classes when I arrived at Indiana University. I was alone, walking across campus when somebody stopped me and asked me where Woodburn Hall was located – and, honestly, I knew where 5 buildings, out of at least a hundred, were located, and that was one of the lucky five.

I must have looked like I knew something.

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