September 2011


The Soldier Tells His Mom.

It goes much more roughly than telling Dad.

10 months onward, I’m still flummoxed by the door to my gym.

More than half the time, I try to pull open the door to the gym and it doesn’t work.

This is because it opens inward and despite having lived in Germany for over seven years and going to this gym for 10 months, I still struggle when I find doors to public facilities that open […]

The coffee at the Imbiss is crap, but what a view!

This morning one of my colleagues and I headed to a nearby Imbiss – I’d noticed the signs advertising it a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to go – mainly for the view, not for the food.

However it’s in a red-neck type of setting and I decided I wanted company – hence […]

Every once in awhile I need to veg.

I’ve had a pretty busy few days – Thursday was busy with a myriad of things. Friday I was at work all day (completed one project) before having dinner with colleagues and going to a housewarming party.

Saturday I headed to the gym first thing, then in the afternoon I met Snooker in Berlin in […]

What a rockin’ Thursday – Stopping by the Potsdammer Platz Papal Protest

Today was an amazingly busy day for me – and not busy with work.

I started by going to the gym at 7:45 (doing 50 minutes of cardio after lifting weights), then getting my hair cut and doing a quick load of laundry. Then, at 1, I met Tweeter @MartinWisser – had lunch and talked […]

Wednesday, Lunchtime

My lunch date had to stand me up at the last minute, so I took advantage of the mild weather and visited the Deutsche Dom at Gendarmenmarkt.


Reflecting on September 20th, and more importantly, coming out.

Yesterday I admitted a bit of ambivalence when it comes to the subject of gays in the military, and it’s mainly driven by the fact that, in general, I’m ambivalent about the military.

Certainly I will admit that it plays an important role in protecting the United States, even as, at the same time, I […]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s over: Telling Dad

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Matter No More

Today, September 20th, is actually a pretty remarkable day for the United States: no longer do gay or lesbian soldiers need to hide in the closet.

Despite my personal ambivalence on the subject (I’m not really interested in being shot nor do I want other hunky gays shot), it does please me that people can […]

Confession Time: I’m losing interest in voting in American elections.

I know it’s 14 months out, and I do want Obama to be reelected, but… given that I vote in Indiana and I can only vote for federal offices, what’s the point?